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Annual Street Resurfacing

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What To Expect During Annual Street Resurfacing

2022 Resurfacing Program

The 2022 annual street resurfacing program is responsible for resurfacing 23.7 centerline miles of 57 street sections.  Work includes the milling of existing pavement, adjustment of manholes and water valve boxes, installation of sidewalk access ramps, placement of new asphalt, and new pavement markings.

Streets directly affected will have NO PARKING signs posted in advance of work beginning. 

Even with the recent changes regarding COVID restrictions, we realize that many people are still working from home. You will still be able to access your home or business, but you may not be able to park as close as you would like. There may be the need to temporarily park on a side street in front of your home for a few days.

The streets listed below began resurfacing in the spring of 2022 and all streets are expected to be completed this fall.

You can also search your street and view a map of the proposed area to be resurfaced. Search your street here.

Street From To Status 
Airline Dr Ridge Rd Sandia Dr Not Started
Arrow Dr END MAINT #3904 Glenwood Ave Not Started
Ashburton Rd Kaplan Dr Liles Rd Not Started
Battery Dr Poole Rd Davie St Not Started
Belgreen Ct Cul-de-sac Chatford Dr Not Started
Bellow St Northclift Dr Cul-de-sac Not Started
Boundary St N Person St Watauga St Not Started
Caledonia St Northclift Dr Bellow St Not Started
Cavalier St Lawrence Dr Mariner Cr Not Started
Chatford Dr Leesville Rd Cul-de-sac Not Started
Chatham Ln Milburnie Rd Crabtree Blvd Not Started
Crabtree Blvd BEG PVMT #1021 END PVMT #1313 Not Started
Davie St E S Blount St Tarboro St In Progress
Fairburn Ct Pony Run Rd Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Fairview Access Rd Fairview Rd END COR MAINT. Not Started
Farmington Grove Rd Falls River Ave Oakboro Dr COMPLETE
Firestone Ln Eagle Trace Dr Forest Highland Dr COMPLETE
Forest Highland Dr Laurel Valley Wy Laurel Valley Wy COMPLETE
Gorman St Western Blvd Avent Ferry Rd In Progress
Grand Cypress Ct Wild Dunes Dr Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Greystone Dr Pony Run Rd Pony Run Rd COMPLETE
Hampton Rd Ridge Rd Kipawa St Not Started
Harbour Towne Dr Southhall Rd Ext Circle In Progress
Harvest Oaks Dr Strickland Rd Ext Lead Mine Rd In Progress
Hill St Oakwood Ave Milburnie Rd Not Started
Huntleigh Dr Capital Blvd New Hope Church Rd In Progress
Indianwood Ct W Cul-de-sac E Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Kipawa St Hampton Rd Sandia Dr Not Started
Laurel Valley Wy Eagle Trace Dr End PVMT #2324 COMPLETE
Little Brier Creek Ln TX Alexander Dr Brier Creek Pkwy COMPLETE
Long Point Ct Wild Dunes Dr Y Turn Around COMPLETE
Marcom St Varsity Dr Gorman St Not Started
Merrywood Dr Battery Dr E Davie St Not Started
Milburnie Rd Hill St Raleigh Blvd Not Started
Muirfield Village Wy Eagle Trace Dr Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Northfield Dr Lakemont Dr Cul-de-sac Not Started
Oakwood Ave N Tarboro St Hill St Not Started
Parrish St Battery Dr E Martin St Not Started
Pleasant Valley Rd W Millbrook Rd Glenwood Ave In Progress
Pullen Rd Hillsborough St Western Blvd Bridge COMPLETE
Ratchford Dr Capital Blvd End Curb & Gutter Not Started
Reavis Rd Method Rd Lorimer Rd Not Started
Royal Melbourne Dt Eagle Trace Dr Indianwood Ct COMPLETE
Saddle Springs Ct Weybridge Dr Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Shadow Creek Dr Muirfield Village Wy Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
Shadow Glen Dr Cul-de-sac Grand Traverse Dr COMPLETE
Shiloh Ct Cul-de-sac Bellow St Not Started
Slade Hill Rd Cul-de-sac Weybridge Dr COMPLETE
Spring Run Cir Pony Run Dr Cul-de-sac COMPLETE
St Augustine Ave New Bern Ave Oakwood Ave Not Started
Tanbark Wy Hunting Ridge Rd Harps Mill Rd Not Started
Wakefield Pines Dr Old Falls of Neuse Rd Falls of Neuse Rd In Progress
Westglen Dr Chatford Dr Chatford Dr Not Started
Whitaker Mill Rd E Reaves Dr Wake Forest Rd In Progress
Wild Dunes Dr Harbour Towne Dr Eagle Trace Dr COMPLETE
Wilder St Method Rd Cul-de-sac Not Started
Woodhaven Ct Pony Run Rd Cul-de-sac COMPLETE

What To Expect During Annual Street Resurfacing

Learn more about what to expect when your street is being resurfaced.

What To Expect

City-maintained streets that have curbs and gutters are eligible for the Annual Street Resurfacing program. The City maintains an inventory of streets that includes the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of the street. 

For more information on the Annual Street Resurfacing program, email Street Resurfacing.

For questions regarding bicycle markings contact Fontaine Burruss.



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