Bright green plants that grow on a green roof at a community center in Raleigh.

Stormwater Features in Landscaping

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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You can use plants to meet both stormwater management and landscaping requirements. This will: 

  • Leave space for other uses in a development project; 
  • Decrease costs for stormwater and landscaping; and,
  • Preserve trees and streams.

Parking Lots

When to Use Features

  • Preserve 12-inch diameter or larger trees by reducing the amount of parking spaces (one spot for each tree);
  • Parking lot islands if they are part of your approved stormwater plan; 
  • Shrubs for perimeter islands; and, 
  • Shade trees for interior and median islands. 


  • Spend less on paving costs;
  • Generate less stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces; and,
  • Protect trees on a developed site.

Protective Yards

When you use green stormwater features, there are more tree and shrub options to choose from for protective yards and transitional protective yards. Make sure that what you select is part of your approved stormwater plan.

Drive-thru Facilities

You can use a combination of plants and evergreen hedges when developing drive-thru facilities. The plants must be in your approved stormwater plan. 

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