A volunteer picks up trash in a Raleigh stream to help reduce water pollution in our area.

Regional Creek Week in Raleigh

Promote and celebrate healthy waterways

Regional Creek Week 2024 will be March 16-23! Check out the events and contests below to participate and celebrate clean water!

Upcoming Events

Rain Garden and Rain Barrel Workshop - March 16

Attend the Rain Garden and Rain Barrel Workshop to learn about rain gardens, rain barrels, and how you can use them on your property! Register today!

Volunteer Stream Cleanup - March 23

Join Raleigh Stormwater staff at the volunteer stream cleanup to remove litter and trash from the stream at Southgate Park! Register today!

Wandering Water Map Photo Challenge

The Clean Water Education Partnership is hosting the Wandering Water Map Photo Challenge! Submit a photo of a local body of water for a chance to win a rain gauge! Learn more about this challenge.

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