Rain Barrel

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March 2024

Rain Garden and Rain Barrel Workshop

Celebrate Regional Creek Week!

Join Raleigh Stormwater staff to learn about rain gardens, rain barrels, and how you can use them on your property! Registration for the workshop today!

This event is in coordination with Regional Creek Week 2024.

What Are Rain Gardens?

A rain garden in a front yard that helps reduce water pollution to creeks in Raleigh.

A rain garden, or bioretention area, is a planted area that collects and cleans rainwater coming from roads, sidewalks, roofs, driveways and patios. The plants and soil in the garden slow down the water and filter out pollution before it reaches a storm drain or creek. 

What Are Rain Barrels?

Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a simple way to capture, store, and use rainwater as it flows from gutters and downspouts onto a property. This helps reduce stormwater pollution to local streams, lakes, and rivers. You can use the water for gardening and even to wash your car or walkway/driveway!

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Joyce Gaffney
Environmental & Sustainability Specialist 


Walnut Creek Wetland Center
950 Peterson Street
Raleigh, NC 27610
Event Type:
Environment and Sustainability