Special Events Notification and Outreach

The Special Events Office strives to improve communication about special events in Raleigh and their impacts on the community. We have initiated the following communication mechanisms for the benefit of citizens and event organizers:

  • Feedback FormTell us what you think about Raleigh events! We welcome citizen and participant feedback and utilize this information in future planning.
  • Weekend Digest: Sign up for weekly email updates, which will include a brief description of special events in Raleigh occurring in the upcoming week, including road closure information.
  • Public Notification Requirements: Our office enforces comprehensive notification requirements with a goal of keeping residents, businesses and other establishments informed in advance about events that will impact their area.
  • Online Calendar: View up-to-date information about all events within the City that are regulated by the Special Events Office. When possible, it will also include road closure details and contact information for reaching specific event organizers.

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