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Yearly statistics contain the nine major categories from National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). These reports show the number of incidents and the types of incidents that the Raleigh Fire Department was dispatched to.

2023 Statistics

Incident TypeTotals 
Service Call3,400
Special Incident17
Good Intent Call6,114
False Alarm & False Call5,261
Hazardous Condition (no fire)1,442
Severe Weather & Natural Disaster14
Rescue & Emergency Medical Service28,097
Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (no fire)56

Previous Years Statistics

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Sprinkler Saves Stats

Fire sprinklers are key to saving lives as well as reducing significant property losses due to fire events.  “Sprinkler Saves” are events where a properly functioning sprinkler system saved lives and/or prevented excessive fire damage.  In Raleigh, sprinkler systems are primarily installed in commercial businesses, apartment complexes, hotels, and similar establishments.

2020 Sprinkler Saves Statistics

 Type   Description   Statistic   Percentage 
Fire Sprinkler Protected Properties  Total Property Value  $394,215,404  n/a
  Total Property Loss $721,952  0.18
  Total Property Savings  $393, 493,452 99.8
  Total Contents Value  $35,661,898 n/a
  Total Contents Value Loss $282,176 0.76
  Total Contents Value Savings  $35,379,722 99.2
  Total Number of Sprinkler Saves 2021 (YTD)  18 n/a

Note: Non-sprinkler occupied properties are residential, commercial or non-profit buildings or offices that are in use. View 2021 Data. 



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