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North Hills Park Pickleball Court Conversion

Expanding outdoor pickleball opportunities

This project is complete! Join us as we celebrate the pickleball court conversion at North Hills Park, made possible through the generosity of Raleigh pickleball pioneer Marilyn Sorin. There will not be a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony; instead, it will be a time for the community to play and celebrate together.

In 2012, Raleigh Parks began hosting indoor pickleball in a few community center gymnasiums. In 2021, indoor pickleball is available in over half of the twenty-one Raleigh Parks gymnasiums. In Fall 2014, the two tennis courts at Method Community Park were converted into six dedicated pickleball courts. The courts at Method Community Park, conveniently located near Interstate 40, and Interstate 440, are regularly used by pickleball players of all ages and abilities.

Pickleball attracts new and diverse players, and Raleigh Parks is preparing to expand the outdoor pickleball court offerings by converting two existing tennis courts at North Hills Park into six dedicated pickleball courts. This location will provide a second dedicated outdoor pickleball facility in the Raleigh Parks system.  

This project has been made possible through a generous donation from a Raleigh pickleball player, Marilyn Sorin. Recognizing the positive impact pickleball has had in the community and her personal life, it is her desire that all would come to benefit and enjoy this activity as much as she has. We are incredibly thankful for Marilyn Sorin’s support and the opportunity it will provide now and looking forward. 


Project Details

Project Lead:
Ken Hisler
Recreational Venture Inc dba Court One



Ken Hisler

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Participating Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources




North Hills Park is adjacent to Interstate 440, between Glenwood Avenue and Six Forks Road exits. Due to significant growth in the popularity of outdoor pickleball, Raleigh Parks conducted a public survey in Spring 2021 to gather feedback about a proposed blended lines option. Blended lines add pickleball game lines to existing Raleigh Parks tennis courts, requiring use of a portable net to conduct a match. Both the pickleball community and the tennis community voiced concerns about the blended lines option. Responses were split between support and opposition, with neither gaining 50% of the responses.

In response, Raleigh Parks began seeking options to pursue a permanent conversion to create six additional dedicated pickleball courts. While evaluating these options, a donor came forward to support this conversion project. 

While there will be a loss of two tennis courts at North Hills Park, there are 25 Raleigh Parks tennis courts located with a 4-mile radius of North Hills Park:


Construction is estimated to begin July 2021 and was completed in August 2021.

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