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Leesville Safe Routes to School Project

We are dedicated to improving bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in Raleigh.

The Leesville Road Safe Routes to Schools project created a safer experience for people traveling to and from Leesville Road Elementary School, Leesville Road Middle School, and Leesville Road High School. We installed new sidewalks and bicycle lanes along O'Neal Drive, Pride Way, and Country Trail. We also installed curb ramps, and painted crosswalks with pedestrian signals at O’Neal Drive and Leesville Road.

The project construction was funded via the FFY16 CAMPO Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP).

Project Details

Bicycle and Pedestrian
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
Alta Planning + Design (Project Design Consultant)



Project Manager
Dennis Trujillo

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction





The design plans are complete.


Phase Contacts


Chad Cantrell, PE

Project Manager


Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The contractor is finished punch list items, and the project is complete. 


Phase Contacts


Grady McCollum, PE


Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The project is complete! 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Date Activity
Jan. 2016 Start Design
June 23, 2016 Design Public Meeting
June 2019 City Council Presentation
Nov. 2019 Complete Right of Way and Easement Acquisition
Spring 2021 Advertise for Construction Bids
Spring 2021 Award Construction Contract
August 25 Pre-Construction Public Meeting
Summer 2022 Project Completion


On October 23, 2012, a Leesville Road High School student was struck in the crosswalk and seriously injured walking home from a football game. This incident prompted the area residents and school community into action to create the Leesville Community Safety Taskforce. The group’s goal is to raise awareness of bicycle and pedestrian safety concerns in the Leesville Community, to share and plan safety activities, and to develop a plan to improve the existing infrastructure so that residents are able to safely walk and bike in and around their neighborhood.

The group worked with City planners and law enforcement to develop a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan for their community. After failing to get a State grant to fund infrastructure improvements and safety programming, the City was able to help secure nearly $450,000 from the CAMPO LAPP program in 2015 to fund bike and sidewalk improvements around the schools. 

The Leesville Road Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) project will install new sidewalks and bicycle facilities along O'Neal Drive, Pride Way, Country Trail, and on the school property. Additional improvements include curb ramp installations, and crosswalks with pedestrian signals at O’Neal Drive/Leesville Road.