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The Brentwood Park Improvements project will include a new playground, a water mist play feature, a comfort station, and a picnic shelter. The improvements at the park will also include a reconfigured and resurfaced parking lot, and a sidewalk from Brentwood Road into the park. These new features coming to Brentwood Park are the top priorities set in the Brentwood Park Master Plan that could be built with available funding.

The Brentwood Park Master Plan was approved by City Council in 2018. The master planning process began with a Situation Assessment, which fully analyzed the Park's existing conditions. The assessment was approved by City Council in 2017. The Master Plan for the park was developed after, occurring over several months. The plan was created with the Brentwood community's input through five Citizen Planning Committee meetings and three public meetings.

The master plan for the park can be found under the "Resources" blue box at the bottom of this page.

Project Details

Susan Hatchell Landscape Architecture



Dean Perry

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources




This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.


Construction is scheduled to be complete by early December.


Playground, shelter, and comfort station are open! Picnic tables, benches, and waste bins have been delayed due to supply chain issues from the manufacturer. Furnishing is expected to be installed early 2022.


Brentwood Park is located at 3315 Vinson Court within the Brentwood Neighborhood in East Raleigh. The 19.2 acre property was acquired by the City to provide a public neighborhood park. Marsh Creek runs along the eastern boundary, separating the park from Brentwood Elementary School, feeding a marsh area south including an adjacent 6.7 acre public greenway land parcel. There is an 1,000 square foot neighborhood center on the site, as well as open space, sports fields with support facilities, tennis and basketball courts, a playground, and creekside trails connecting to the adjacent neighborhood.


Date Activity
April 17, 2018 Brentwood Park Master Plan Approved
Winter 2018-Summer 2019 Schematic Design
Summer 2019 Schematic Design City Council Presentation
Summer 2019-Summer 2020 Finish Design and Construction Documents
Fall 2020 Bidding to Contractors
Late 2021 Construction

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