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The Barwell Road Park Improvements project included the addition of a new playground, challenge course, and multipurpose field to the park. The "challenge course" is made of a series of obstacles with a start-and-stop timer at each end. The course provides varying levels of difficulty to make it fun for kids and can also be used for athletic training for teenagers and adults. In addition to the obstacle circuit, a two-lane, 40-yard sprint track provides another area for training or challenging a friend to a race. The challenge course has been provided by a donation from the Carolina Panthers partnering with the City of Raleigh on the project.

A new playground for Barwell Road Park was the top priority set in the Barwell Road Park Master Plan approved by City Council in 2017. Future development of the park is guided by the Master Plan, which establishes a long-term vision for the park property. Development of the park will occur in phases over the next several years. City funding for the development of the Master Plan and the playground and challenge course is provided by the 2007 Parks Bond.

Project Details

Timmons Group



Dean Perry

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources




This phase is complete.


This phase is now complete.


Construction began in October 2020. The project is scheduled to be complete by Summer 2021.


The playground, challenge course, and multipurpose field are now open.


Barwell Road Park was purchased by the City of Raleigh in 2001 for the purpose of providing a park in Southeast Raleigh to serve the growing community. The Barwell Road Park property was established as a park in 2006 in coordination with Barwell Road Elementary School. In order to create a long term vision to guide the development of the park, the Barwell Road Park Master Plan was created, and approved by the Raleigh City Council on August 15, 2017.  The process reviewed the needs of the community in context with the existing park property to determine community connections to the park, outdoor amenities, and program opportunities.


Date Activity
Spring 2018 Phase One conceptual design and cost estimation
Summer 2018 Site survey complete
Late Summer 2018 Citizen Planning Committee meeting
Late 2019 Finish design and construction documents
Early 2020 State and City Permitting
Fall 2020 Bidding to Contractors
Summer 2021 Project Complete

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