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Pope House Museum

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The Pope House Museum, built in 1901, is located in downtown Raleigh mere blocks away from the capitol building.



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Historic Resources and Museum Program


Pope House Museum
511 South Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27601



Summer Camp Field Trips

The Historic Resources and Museum Program (HRM Program) is excited to offer new opportunities for summer camps and groups to visit our sites and museums this year! From historic trolley tours and wax seal making to planning your own city and discovering artifacts, there are so many different ways to explore Raleigh’s history this summer! Get all the details here. 


The exterior of the Pope House Museum surrounded by green trees
  • The Pope House is closed for renovations until August 2024.
  • Donations are appreciated.
  • Admission to the museum is free.
  • The museum features original artifacts from the Pope family.
  • The Pope House is not currently available for rentals.


As the only African-American house museum in the state of North Carolina, the Pope House offers a glimpse into the life of one of Raleigh’s most intriguing citizens, Dr. Manassa Thomas Pope, who was the only African-American man to run for mayor of a Southern capital in the midst of the Jim Crow Era.

The house features original furnishings to the family and many historical artifacts giving insight into a remarkable man and family.

Read more history about: The Pope Family | The Pope House

A shot of the "Raleigh Historic Landmark" placard outside the Pope House


Dating to the 1860s, the Pope House Museum Collection totals over 3,000 artifacts which give insight into the life of one of the leading African-American families in Raleigh in the early 1900s.  From Dr. Pope's father's freedman papers to his voter registration card to his original doctor's bag from the Spanish-American War, the collection boasts a wide range of material culture.

Education Programs

Educational opportunities at the Pope House are offered as part of the City of Raleigh Museum Education Programs. Our goal is to provide a variety of hands-on programs that will engage students and get them excited about their local history. 

Learn more about Pope House education programs


A close up exterior shot of the front door at the Pope House


Volunteers are an essential part of the Historical Resources and Museums Program

Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

A shot of the landmark and address placards outside the Pope House


As a member, you will help revitalize and preserve North Carolina's history. You will also enjoy cross-program perks at the City of Raleigh Museum, the Raleigh Trolley, Mordecai Historic Park, Borden Building, and the Tucker House.

You can join the COR Museum Friends Group or the Mordecai Square Association; perks convey to each.


The Pope House is closed for renovations until August 2024.

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