Police and Community Engagement

Police Advisory Board

The Police Advisory Board will serve as a liaison between the Raleigh community and City Council. The board will help the Raleigh Police Department build trust and relationships.



Police Advisory Board Members to be Selected

The Raleigh Police Advisory Board members will serve a two-year term with a maximum of three terms. The terms must be staggered, and citizens can serve on no more than two boards or commissions at one time. The Board will be staffed from the Office of Equity and Inclusion. The board will have no relationship to the Human Relations Commission.

The board's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing existing Raleigh Police Department procedures. Contributing to fair policy development.
  • Engaging community members through educational outreach on Raleigh Police Department directives.

The board will not conduct investigations, hear testimony, or contribute to disciplinary action. The board will not respond to citizen complaints. The board will not collect data.  Any complaints received by the city will be shared with this board to drive their work prioritization.

The Raleigh Police Board will be made up of seven members to include:

  • An attorney (Attorney with experience and/or interest in civil rights)
  • A mental health provider (Professional who assesses, diagnoses or treats mental health conditions)
  • A member of the LGBT community. (Someone who self identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer)
  • A victim advocate. (Someone with experience in supporting victims of crimes by offering emotional support, victims’ rights information, help in finding needed resources and assistance in filling out crime victim-related forms.)
  • An appointee of the City of Raleigh Police Chief. (Someone who is designated/assigned to the Board by the Police Chief)
  • Two at-large members.

For more information, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at 919-996-5740.