Text Change Cases

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Active Text Change Cases (TC) Pending Text Change Cases Recently Adopted Text Changes Text Changes to Zoning Conditions (TCZ)

Active Text Change Cases (TC)

A “text change” is a proposal to modify an adopted ordinance.

The engagement portal helps you stay informed and allow for your questions and comments about our upcoming proposed text changes.

Engagement Portal for Proposed Text Changes - You will also find comment cards for proposed text changes that are currently under public review. This is where you can ask questions about these text changes or leave comments for staff!

  1. Send your questions or comments to staff: textchanges@raleighnc.gov
  2. Contact the Planning Commission: planning.commission@raleighnc.gov 
  3. Visit the Planning Commission webpage and sign up to attend a public meeting. 
Case Number Project Name/Location/DescriptionDescriptionStatusContact
TC-3-23Clean Transportation OrdinanceRequirements for EV Capabale spaces; prohibition on drive-thrus in certain districts; and standards for pedestrian cross-access.Text Change Committee - March 20McDonald

TC-5-23Omnibus List 2023Corrects minor errors, clarifies current practices/procedures, and updates various sections to advance established policy goals.Text Change Committee - March 20McDonald
TC-6-23Streetscape Plans and Custom Signage PlansRevises existing streetscape plan process and creates new process for modified signage plans.Text Change Committee - March 20McDonald
TC-7-23Mordecai NCOD AmendmentsImposes minimum principal building separation and limitations on building feature encroachments.Planning Commission - March 12Hodge
TC-8-23Appearance Commission Name ChangeChanges title of Appearance Commission to Design Review CommissionCity Council - March 5McDonald
SSP-1-23Village District Streetscape Plan AmendmentThis request would amend the adopted Cameron Village Streetscape and Parking Plan first adopted in 1990 and amended in 2003 and 2008.Public Hearing - March 19Bruchhaus

Pending Text Change Cases

Below you will find a list of text changes that are still being drafted.

Case #Case NameDescriptionContact
TC-20-20Permit Choice and Vested RightsCodifies procedures for permit choice and vested rights.York
TC-16-21Neighborhood CommercialExpands allowances for stand-alone commercial uses in residential districts.McDonald
TC-2-22Tree Preservation and PlantingCreates Tree Conservation Area requirements for lots 1-2 acres in size, create significant or heritage tree provisions require tree planting for smaller lots that don’t require tree conservation area.McDonald
TC-7-22Co-LivingCreates a new group living use titled co-living.Bucher
TC-4-23BillboardsModifies regulations for outdoor advertising signs.McDonald
TC-1-24Stormwater Design Manual UpdateUpdates the Stormwater Design Manual.Hoyt


Recently Adopted Text Changes

Below you will find the most recent adopted text changes. For older approved cases, please see the Adopted Text Changes page.

Text Change #Ordinance #TitleAdoptedEffective
TC-19-21(517-TC-479)Protective Yards6-6-237-13-23
TC-1-22(518-TC-480)Mobile Retail6-6-239-4-23
TC-6-22(457-TC-476)Permit government-owned water and wastewater treatment plants as a Limited Use in the R-1, IX- and IH- districts.1-17-232-16-23
TC-8-22(458-TC-477)Self-Service Storage in OP District1-17-232-16-23
TC-1-23(500-TC-478)Stormwater Management Regulations4-18-235-1-23
TC-2-23(563-TC-481)-TOD Revisions10-3-2311-2-23

Text Changes to Zoning Conditions (TCZ)

A "text change to zoning conditions" proposal adds zoning conditions that may be submitted with a rezoning application and cases can be found on the Rezoning Cases webpage.