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City Council may amend the City Code of Ordinances, or laws of the city, to address new development trends or to correct issues with the existing language in the code. These amendments are generally called text changes.
The public, city staff, and members of City Council can request changes in the City Code of Ordinances.
Text changes within the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) are reviewed by the Planning Commission and subsequently reviewed by the City Council for a final decision. There are two types of text changes:

  • Text Change (TC) – Changes to the City Code of Ordinances.
  • Text Change to Zoning Conditions (TCZ) – Changes to current zoning conditions associated with a conditional use district without changing the zoning map.

Below you will find information about the process for initiating a text change, Council directives, current TCs and TCZs in process, and adopted text changes.

Text Change Process

See the Text Change Process webpage to find out how to submit a text change for review. This how-to guide goes over prerequisites, types of decision outcomes, steps in the process, submittal requirements, expected processing time, and fees associated with the submittal.

Council Directives

The following text changes reflect directives given by City Council. The staff is currently working on drafting the language for these text changes. Once the proposed language is ready for review, the text change will be assigned a case number and will be sent to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation.

  • Short Term Rental – Amend the UDO to repeal the Homestay regulations and replace with regulations for short term rentals (a type of overnight lodging) and to allow short term rentals in certain zoning districts that permit residential uses.
  • Infill Development Grading - Amend the UDO to modify the method for measurement of height and modify the residential infill standards for the street setback. Currently, the UDO determines height based upon an average measurement taken along each building elevation. As proposed, the height would be based upon the average measurement taken along the front of the building parallel to the primary street setback. The street setback standards for residential infill will be modified to revise how the comparative sample is determined.
  • Manufactured Homes Street Access - Amend Section 4.5.2.B.1. to allow all manufactured home developments to provide access to a street meeting the requirements of Article 8.4. New Streets or Article 8.5. Existing Streets. Currently, the UDO requires that all manufactured home spaces and lots front a street meeting the requirements of Article 8.4. or 8.5.

Text Changes Under Public Review

The following text changes are under review in the public meeting process. See the Council meeting dates and times or the Planning Commission meeting dates and times and view the agendas and minutes for these meetings on BoardDocs.

The engagement portal helps you stay informed and allow for your questions and comments about our upcoming proposed text changes.

Engagement Portal for Proposed Text Changes

You will find comment cards for proposed text changes that are currently under public review. This is where you can ask questions about these text changes or leave comments for staff!

There are other ways for you to get more information or provide your feedback on a proposed text change.

Both TCs and TCZs that have an assigned case number or documentation can be viewed along with their status in the process and a staff contact should you have any questions about a particular case. This information can be found on the Text Change Cases webpage.

  • Site Plan/Plot Plan and Revisions (TC-14-19): Amend the UDO to incorporate a 3-tiered system for categorizing site plans based on construction type and level of impact.  It will include two categories, minor and major, for modifications to approved site plans.  It will also conform to the site plan standards to the new Chapter 160D of the North Carolina General Statutes for development regulations.

    In a Public Comment period: Text Changes Portal

  • Mezzanines (TC-7-20) - Amend the UDO definition for a mezzanine and allow a mezzanine covering less than 50% of the floor area on one level of a building. Currently, the UDO allows one mezzanine, which must occupy less than 33% of the building footprint, open to the first floor of a building. A mezzanine meeting this condition would not be considered a story.

    Scheduled for Planning Commission public meeting: June 9, 2020.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (TC-16-19) - Proposes the removal of the overlay district requirement and allows the construction of accessory dwelling units on residential lots by right.

    Scheduled for Planning Commission public meeting: June 2, 2020.

  • Design Alternates (TC-17-19) - Replaces the option for a design adjustment and creates objective standards to approve more subjective alterations in a quasi-judicial public hearing. Reformats Articles 8.4 and 8.5.

    Scheduled for City Council public meeting: July 7, 2020.

  • Parking Requirements (TC-1(A)-20) - Reduces the amount of parking for multi-unit residential development across the city, for residential development in the Transit Overlay District, and for all uses in the Downtown Mixed Use zoning district.

    Scheduled for Planning Commission public meeting: June 9, 2020.

  • Building Height and Cottage Courts (TC-1(B)-20) - Increases the maximum allowable building height in four- and five-story zoning districts and expands the usage and size of cottage court developments.

    Scheduled for City Council public hearing: July 7, 2020.

Recently Adopted Text Changes

Text changes cases that have been approved by Council can be found on the Adopted Text Changes webpage. Cases are organized by decades and include links to ordinances as well as adopted and effective dates. The text changes below reflect those most recently adopted.

  • Building Heights (TC-13-19) - Amended the UDO to remove the height cap measurement in feet for building seven stories and above. Also clarified that structured parking counts toward the maximum number of stories.  
  • Additional Neighborhood Meeting (TC-3-20) - Amended the UDO to require an additional neighborhood meeting for large and/or impactful rezoning cases and text changes to conditional use zoning conditions.
  • Olde Towne Development (TCZ-4-19) - Amended the conditions associated with zoning case Z-7-18, as approved in Ordinance (2018) 871 ZC 768 to allow an increase in the number of dwelling units permitted within the Apartment building type, require at least 100 units be age-restricted units, realign the planned greenway to connect the City’s planned off-site greenway, and establish the timing of its construction.
  • 3708 Rock Quarry Road (TCZ-5-19) - Amended the conditions associated with zoning case Z-19-17, as approved in Ordinance (2018) 794 ZC 757 to allow the proposed residential development of the property to have a maximum density of 29 dwelling units per acre.



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