paved path between trees with a house creek greenway sign

House Creek Greenway Trail

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Crabtree Creek to Glen Eden Glen Eden to Reedy Creek History and Background

The House Creek Greenway Trail follows House Creek along the I-440 beltline between the Crabtree Creek Trail at Crabtree Valley Mall and Reedy Creek Trail at Wade Ave.

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1501 Glen Eden Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612



Crabtree Creek to Glen Eden


  • 1.5 miles


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    Glen Eden to Reedy Creek


    • 1.9 miles


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      History and Background

      The Capital Area Greenway system was first adopted by City Council in 1976. This plan proposed the system of linear parks located primarily along rivers, streams, and creeks and included the opportunity for an interconnected system of pedestrian trails across the region. House Creek was included in that plan.

      The trails located along the major rivers and streams have been the focus, but with the impending completion of these trails the focus has shifted to complete the interconnection between major streams. House Creek provides a major linkage between the Walnut Creek watershed and the Crabtree Creek watershed. The users of the trail system will be able to not only traverse across the city on either the Walnut Creek system or the Crabtree Creek system but they will be able to connect between the two.

      In 2003, the residents of Raleigh approved a bond referendum that included funding for the House Creek Trail. In 2007, additional funding was included in a second bond referendum.