Parent pushing a kids on a swing and woman seated on a bench at the Biltmore Hills playground.

Biltmore Hills Park

Raleigh Parks has temporarily closed some facilities. For more information, click on the red COVID-19 Alert banner above.

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Year 1964 | Acres 39

The community center is closed during construction and will reopen in Spring 2020.

The paved walking trail for brisk walks or leisure strolls, playground, tennis and basketball courts, and fields remain open. 

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Director Kenny Lyons
Assistant Director Karla Bonilla


Biltmore Hills Park
2615 Fitzgerald Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610




Concrete outdoor basketball court with four hoops at Biltmore Hills

Outdoor Basketball Court

  • Outdoor basketball court with four hoops on a concrete surface


Shot of the eight tennis courts at Biltmore Hills Park

Tennis Courts 

  • There are eight tennis courts with push-button lighting from dusk until 10 p.m. There are also backboards. 

Courts are typically available first-come, first-serve. View other court locations.


People enjoying the Biltmore Hills pool in the summertime

701 Crown Crossing Ln Raleigh, NC 27610

  • Baby Pool (seasonal operation)
  • Main Lap & Recreation Pool (seasonal operation)
  • Hours of Operation


Shot of the youth baseball field and diamond at Biltmore Hills Park

Youth Baseball Field 1

  • Distance 190 feet and has lighting


A second softball field with lightning at Biltmore Hills Park

Softball Field 2

  • Distance 300 feet and has lighting

For field rentals, please contact Athletics at 919-996-2154. View other field locations.


Playground with slides, swings and more on a woodchip surface at Biltmore Hills Park

The playground at Biltmore Hills park is for children ages two to 12. It has slides, swings, and climbing equipment on a wood-chip surface. 

View other playground locations.

Picnic Shelters

Outdoor picnic shelter with eight tables at Biltmore Hills Park

Shelter 1 

  • Capacity: 36 to 60
  • $12 per hour
  • Eight tables
  • One grill
  • No electricity 
A second larger picnic shelter with 13 tables at Biltmore Hills Park

Shelter 2

  • Capacity: More than 100
  • $20 an hour
  • 13 tables
  • Two grills
  • Access to electricity
A third outdoor picnic shelter at Biltmore Hills Park

Shelter 3

  • Capacity: 36 to 60
  • $12 an hour
  • Six tables
  • One grill
  • No electricity

View other shelter locations