Demolition of an old house for new construction project.

Residential Demolition

How to get a residential demolition permit in Raleigh

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Before Submitting an Application Prepare Application Materials Submittal Instructions Project Review and Permitting Paying Fees

For the complete demolition of a residential building in part or entirety, and incidental accessory buildings, on a residential lot. This includes accessory structures with dimensions greater than 12 feet. Single or two-family dwellings are exempt from NESHAP requirements. All other demolitions are considered Commercial (Non-Residential), and every address requires its own permit.

All projects are reviewed for compliance with the Raleigh development code and North Carolina state building code.

Before Submitting an Application

Detailed code review will not begin until application submittals have been deemed complete by customer service staff. It is important that all required information is submitted for a project, and it is the applicant’s responsibility to be informed on the prerequisites below:

  1. You must be registered in the permit portal before you can manage your project, pay fees, or schedule inspections. Learn more about how to register on our portal help page.
  2. All contractor information (General contractor and sub-contractors) must be entered into the portal when submitting the project.
  3. Is your home located in a Historic District or designated as a Raleigh Historic Landmark? If so, you are required to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness to the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC). Approval from the RHDC may be required prior to submitting your permit application.
  4. If your property contains a private well or septic services, approval from Wake County Environmental Services is required prior to applying with the City of Raleigh.
  5. If you have requested a variance, it needs to be approved by the Board of Adjustment.
  6. The property should have a legally recorded map at the Durham or Wake County Register of Deeds.
  7. Your property may be subject to Residential Infill Compatibility standards. Learn more about residential infill development and verification.

Prepare Application Materials

The below application forms and supporting documents are required for this project type:

  1. Site plan or survey with all structures clearly identified for removal, disturbed areas identified and any structures or conditions that will remain.

Submittal Instructions

To submit for a Residential Demolition permit, follow the steps in our helpful online application guide. Please note each building address will require a separate submittal. Clearly identify these structure(s) and their respective square footages on your site plan. 

If you are disturbing 12,000 sf or more a Mass Grading may be required prior to demolition approval. 

At this step, your application materials should be ready to assemble. All forms, plans, and supporting documents must be attached as PDFs and cannot be a locked or secured. Applicants may add all relevant information and update plans and documents in the portal before plan review can begin.

Project Review and Permitting

Applicants will be notified by email when a project is processed. Standard review times are available to view online. Plan review comments can be viewed any time via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal

Approved plans that are in a ready for permit issuance status but have incomplete contractor information or have not been issued will be kept active for up to six months. After six months, the plans will be considered invalid, and the application will be voided. An administrative fee may be incurred when projects are voided.

Inspections can be scheduled via the permit portal.

Paying Fees

The Development Fee Guide provides a detailed list of specific development fees.

  • It is recommended that fees be paid via the Permit Portal.
  • All major credit cards and eCheck payments are accepted.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Customer Service Center.

A  fee calculator may be used to obtain an estimate of some building and trade permit fees.


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