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Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
ASR-0001-2022 Midway West / 8924 Midway West Rd UR Walters
ASR-0002-2022 The Pointe at Raven Ridge / 11258 Raven Ridge Rd UR Walters
ASR-0003-2022 Emrich Dental / 2717 Glenwood Ave UR Purifoy
ASR-0004-2022 100 Knowles Street / 100 Knowles Street UR Evans
ASR-0005-2022  Encore at Olde Towne Apartments / 5000 Anamosa St UR Walters
ASR-0006-2022 Alexan Glenwood South/ 401 W Lane St UR Purifoy
ASR-0007-2022 Crabtree Creek Multifamily / 4501 Creedmoor Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0008-2022 The Grey / 1208 S Blount St UR Purifoy
ASR-0009-2022 300 Hillsborough St / 300 Hillsborough St UR Evans
ASR-0010-2022 ARC - 3 Building Addition / 3401 S Wilmington St UR Walters
ASR-0011-2022 Flex at 5080 Trademark / 5080 Trademark Dr  UR Russell
ASR-0012-2022 Oaks at Whitaker Glen Mayview Welcome Center / 513 E Whitaker Mill Rd UR Walters
ASR-0013-2022  Six Forks Apartments / 819 E Six Forks Rd UR Walters
ASR-0014-2022 Park City South Phase 2 A / 1025 S Saunders St UR Evans
ASR-0015-2022 3601 Page Road / 3601 Page Road UR Purifoy
ASR-0016-2022 Caliber Carwash / 5150 New Bern Ave UR Purifoy
ASR-0017-2022  Blue Ridge Medical / 3247 Blue Ridge Rd UR Russell
ASR-0018-2022 Roundrock Studios / 1707 Roundrock Dr UR Evans
ASR-0019-2022 Blount St. Hotel / 415 S Blount St UR Walters
ASR-0020-2022 Buffaloe Bend / 5100 Forestville Rd UR Evans
ASR-0021-2022 Greenology Products New Warehouse / 1800 Roundrock Dr UR Russell
ASR-0022-2022 Citation Drive Warehouse / 2004 Citation Dr UR Purifoy
ASR-0023-2022 Falcon's Point / 311 N Tarboro St UR Evans
ASR-0024-2022 Creedmoor Road Apartments / 5114 Creedmoor Rd UR Russell
ASR-0025-2022 6224 Angus Drive / 6224 Angus Drive UR Purifoy
ASR-0026-2022 Louisburg Road Multi-family / 8031 Louisburg Rd UR Evans
ASR-0027-2022 Budleigh East / 2504 Bicton Pl UR Purifoy
ASR-0028-2022 Cottages of Idlewild / 907 E Lane St UR Walters
ASR-0029-2022 Baptist Grove Church / 7011 Leesville Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0030-2022 1022 Gregg St / 1022 Gregg St UR Walters
ASR-0031-2022 Edgewater Commons Subdivision / 2901 Sunrise Valley Pl UR Walters
ASR-0032-2022 Church on the Rock / 6904 Battle Bridge Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0033-2022 Cabarrus and Dawson Residences/ 301 W Cabarrus St UR Evans
ASR-0034-2022 Waltonwood Lead Mine / 4707 Lead Mine Rd UR Evans
ASR-0035-2022 Saint Mary's School Pittman Auditorium Renovation / 900 Hillsborough St UR Walters
ASR-0036-2022 Bank OZK - Raleigh Branch /3415 Wake Forest Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0037-2022  6120 Creedmoor Rd  /  6120 Creedmoor Rd  UR Walters
ASR-0038-2022 Emmanual Anglican Community Church / 4602 Old Wake Forest Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0040-2022 Perry Farm Commercial / 8601 Louisburg Rd UR Purifoy
ASR-0041-2022 Allora Pines / 2300 Tryon Rd UR Evans
ASR-0042-2022 Alexander Family YMCA Parking Expansion / 214 Park Ave UR Walters
ASR-0043-2022 Anderson Condominiums / 115 Anderson Point Dr UR Evans
ASR-0044-2021 Swing Racquet and Paddle / 6121 Mt Herman Rd UR Purifoy


Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No Case # No Name No CAC No Status No Contact
ASR-0003-2021 Southern Gateway Office Building/ 3510 Olympia Dr/ office Southwest UR Walters
ASR-0012-2021 Welltower Crabtree/ Homewood Banks Dr/ apartments Northwest UR Evans
ASR-0014-2021 Blount Street Project/ 603 S Blount St/ civic Central UR Purifoy
ARS-0025-2021 Iglesia Hispana Macedonia Church Expansion/ 4119 Rock Quarry Rd South UR Evans
ASR-0027-2021 Thornton Pointe/ 4905 Thornton Rd Forestville UR Russell
ASR-0028-2021 Calyx Senior Living of Raleigh/ 11555 Common Oaks Dr North UR Walters
ASR-0029-2021 Oakwood Properties/ 10601 World Trade Blvd Northwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0033-2021 Seaboard Block C/ 10 W Franklin St Mordecai UR Purifoy
ASR-0036-2021 Speedway/ 2600 S Saunders St  Southwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0041-2021 Sterling Glenwood/ 3939 Glenwood Ave Glenwood UR Walters
ASR-0042-2021 Smith Temple Freewill Baptist Church/ 5432 Rock Quarry Rd South UR Purifoy
ASR-0049-2021 N Square Patel, LLC / 3401 W Millbrook Rd Northwest UR Evans
ASR-0050-2021 The Pointe at Town Center - Phase 1/Lot 5/ 3900 Sumner Blvd Northeast UR Walters
ASR-0055-2021 Quail Corners Shopping Center / 1200 E Millbrook Rd Midtown UR Evans
ASR-0058-2021 501 S New Hope Rd  / 501 S New Hope Rd Northeast UR Purifoy
ASR-0062-2021 Yelverton Enrichment Center / 5811 Crescent Square St Forestville UR Evans
ASR-0065-2021 The Pointe at Town Center Phase 2/Lot 3 & 4/ 3900 Sumner Blvd Northeast UR Walters
ASR-0067-2021 1508 Stovall / 1508 Stovall Dr West UR Evans
ASR-0068-2021 Wilders Grove / 4201 New Bern Ave Northeast UR Russell
ASR-0070-2021 North Ridge Apartment Phase 2/ 6300 The Lakes Dr North UR Walters
ASR-0071-2021 Comet Raleigh Apartments/ 8705 Louisburg Rd Forestville UR Purifoy
ASR-0073-2021 Summer Pointe I Phase 3 Lot 1 / 3900 Sumner Blvd Northeast UR Russell
ASR-0074-2021 ETS Office Expansion / 3227 Wellington Ct North UR Walters
ASR-0075-2021 Sumner Pointe II Phase 4 Lot 2 / 3900 Sumner Blvd Northeast UR Walters
ASR-0077-2021 New Bern Crossings / 3312 New Bern Ave Southeast UR Walters
ASR-0078-2021 Garner Towns / 1313 Garner Rd South Central UR Evans
ASR-0081-2021 3700 Barrett Dr / 3700 Barrett Dr Midtown UR Walters
ASR-0083-2021 The Creamery / 410 Glenwood Ave Hillsborough-Wade UR Evans
ASR-0085-2021  Yelverton Athletic Center / 3405 Rock Quarry Rd South UR Walters
ASR-0086-2021 Budleigh East Apartments / 2634 Oberlin Rd Five Points UR Purifoy
ASR-0087-2021  Hillsborough St. Revitalization / 2510 Hillsborough St Hillsborough-Wade UR Walters
ASR-0088-2021 Bloomsbury Mixed-Use / 121 S Boylan Ave Hillsborough-Wade UR Walters
ASR-0089-2021 The Pines at Peach Rd/ 605 Peach Rd Southwest UR Evans
ASR-0090-2021 BLOC83 Tower 3615 W Morgan St   UR Purifoy
ASR-0091-2021 Sunnybrook Gas Station / 2418 Sunnybrook Rd   UR Evans
ASR-0094-2021 HWY 55 / 5150 New Bern Ave   UR Purifoy
ASR-0095-2021 The Preserve at Gresham Lake / 3095 Gresham Lake Rd   UR Purifoy
ASR-0096-2021 East Civic Tower / 200 W Hargett St   UR Evans
ASR-0097-2021 Crossroads Veterinary / 1315 Jones Franklin Rd   UR Purifoy
ASR-0098-2021 Multi-Family South / 126 Penmarc Dr   UR Evans
ASR-0099-2021 Downtown South Central Office / 201 Penmarc Dr   UR Walters
ASR-0100-2021 N State Condos/ 320 N State St   UR Purifoy
ASR-0103-2021 Pacific Drive Apartments / 2001 Pacific Dr   UR Evans
ASR-0104-2021 Kings Ridge Apartments / 200 Michael J Smith Ln   UR Purifoy
ASR-0105-2021 8825 Glenwood Commercial Parking Lot / 8825 Glenwood Ave   UR Russell
ASR-0106-2021 Hayes Barton Baptist Church Expansion / 1800 Glenwood Av   UR Purifoy
ASR-0107-2021 East End Market - Phase 2 / 2006 Wake Forest Rd   UR Purifoy


Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
ASR-0006-2020 Wakefield Executive Center/ 2730 Wakefield Pines Dr/ office North UR Evans
ASR-0008-2020 City Barbeque Lake Boone Trl/ 4122 Lake Boone Trl/ restaurant Northwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0009-2020 Fifth Third Bank at Five Points/ 1641 Glenwood Av/ general Five Points UR Purifoy
ASR-0015-2020 Raleigh PS 25866 Expansion/ 4121 Commodity Pkwy/ self storage Southeast UR Purifoy
ASR-0017-2020 Hill Street Apartments/ 2309 Hill St/ apartments Northeast UR Evans
ASR-0028-2020 South Park 2/ 201,254 Branch St and 1300, 1304 S. Person St Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0029- 2020 Sego Court Self Storage/ 1891 & 1908 Sego Ct and 4901 Atlantic Av North UR Evans
ASR-0036-2020 Trinity Ridge Office Park - Phase 2/ 5800, 5804 & 5806 Trinity Rd/ office  West UR Evans
ASR-0040-2020 American Plumbing/ 3800 Auburn Church Rd/ office and warehouse South UR Purifoy
ASR-0048-2020 Broadstone Oak City/ 2815 Capital Blvd and 2920 Glenridge Dr/ apartments Atlantic UR Evans
ASR-0058-2020 1508 Stovall/ 1508 Stovall Dr/ apartments West UR Evans
ASR-0059-2020 Carolina Pines Multi-Family/ 2640 Cherry Cir/ Multi-Family Southwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0066-2020 Sycamore Grove Apartments/ 8211 & 8225  Louisburg Rd/ apartments Forestville UR Evans
ASR-0069-2020 Dorothea Dix Development/ 1036, 1040, 1044 1048 S Saunders St/ shopping center Southwest UR Purifoy
ASR-0071-2020 Biscuitville - Jones Sausage Road/ 3900 Jones Sausage Rd/ restaurant South UR Walters
ASR-0075-2020 The Shephens Center/ 3100 Jones Sausage Rd/ office/warehouse South UR Purifoy
ASR-0077-2020 Greystone Apartments/ 5020 Rock Quarry Rd/ apartments South UR Walters
ASR-0079-2020 Western Boulevard Auto/ 5108 Western Blvd/ general West UR Purifoy
ASR-0082- 2020 Hilburn Drive Duplexes/ 7401 Hilburn Dr/ duplexes Northeast UR Evans
ASR-0083- 2020 The Flats at Gorman/ 1128, 1130 &1132 Gorman St/ apartments East UR Purifoy
ASR-0092-2020 Carolina Coach/ 1208 S Blount St/ apartments Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0098-2020 The Commons of Duraleigh Ridge/ 5500 Duraleigh Rd Midtown UR Walters
ASR-0105-2020 Sunnybrook Gas Station/ 2418 Sunnybrook Rd/ general South UR Evans
ASR-0107-2020 MTX MultiOne / 900 St Albans Dr/mixed use Midtown UR Walters


Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-6-19 306 Glenwood Renovations/304 & 306 Glenwood Av/ bar/nightclub Hillsborough UR Boivin
SR-12-19 Nexus MXU - Phase 1/ 215 S Mc Dowell St/ mixed-use Central UR Walters
SR-20-19 AllPro Window Films/ 1301 Newton Rd/ vehicle repair North UR Purifoy
SR-22-19 Bowstring Bar/ 1930 Wake Forest Rd. restaurant, bar Five Points UR Stegall
SR-23-19 Wilder's Grove / 4201 New Bern Av/ retail Northeast UR Purifoy
SR-25-19 Oak Park Shopping Center/ 6005 Glenwood Av/ commercial/retail Northwest UR Stegall
SR-28-19 OHO Raleigh/ 3315 Poole Rd/ office Southeast UR Walters
ASR-0072-2019 HanDee Hugos 53/ 5101 Capital Blvd/ convenience store North UR Boivin
ASR-0076-2019 The Pointe at Town Center/ 3900 Sumner Blvd, 5405 Oak Forest Dr/ apartments Northeast UR Walters
ASR-0077-2019 Sumner Business Park Building 203/6550 Meridien Dr/ general North UR Purifoy
ASR-0079-2019 AJA Office Building/ 0 Windy Hill Dr/ office North UR Purifoy
ASR-0080-2019 Hilton Garden Inn Wade Park/ 5410 Wade Park Blvd/ hotel West UR Walters
ASR-0082-2019 ISH Delicatessen/ 200 West Lane St/ general North Central UR


ASR-0083-2019 The Enclave at MLK/ 2020 Martin Luther king Jr Blvd/ apartments Southeast UR Boivin
ASR-0096-2019 Crabtree Village Phase II/ 5201 and 5301 Homewood Banks Dr/ apartments Northwest UR Walters
ASR-0101-2019 1310 S Person ST/ 1310 S Person St/ shopping center Central UR Purifoy
ASR-0102-2019 Cameron Hills Apartments/ 2315 & 2318 Grant Av and 1329 Chester Rd/ apartments Hillsborough-Wade UR Boivin
ASR-0106-2019 Deme Motors/ 7209 Becky Cir/ general North UR Evans


Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-18-18 Wake Med Administration/ 3000 New Bern Av/ Administration building East Raleigh UR Stegall
SR-22-18 Thales Academy Buffaloe Rd/ 7003 Buffaloe Rd/ Private nonprofit school Northeast UR Boivin
SR-23-18 Bingo's Car Wash/ 7103 Louisburg Rd/ Car wash Forestville UR Boivin
SR-26-18 Atlantic Plaza/5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial/retail North UR Walters
SR-28-18 Powerhouse Church/ 3411 Pine Knoll Dr/ church Atlantic UR Boivin
SR-39-18 Sterling Glenwood/ 3838 Glenwood Av/ Residential Glenwood UR Walters
SR-45-18 901 E. Edenton St/ 901 E. Edenton St/ Apartments North Central UR Walters
SR-65-18 North State Street Condos/ 310, 312,314, 320 North State St/ Multi-unit living North Central UR Walters
SR-74-18 North Shore lots/ 1101 Capability Dr/ Condos Southwest UR Stegall
SR-75-18 Hill Street Apartments/ 2309 Hill St/ Apartments Northeast UR Boivin
SR-78-18 Skycrest Crossing/ 2241 N New Hope Rd/ Office Northeast UR Walters
SR-82-18 Bee Safe Storage/ 1108 & 1216 Capital Blvd/ Storage facility Mordecai UR Boivin
SR-91-18 3020 Highwoods Blvd/ 3020 Highwoods Blvd/ office Atlantic UR Stegall
SR-92-18 Hillsborough Pointe/ 2812 Hillsborough St/ retail and apartments Wade UR Walters
SR-95-18 313 Cabarrus Commercial Site/ 313 Cabarrus St/ Commercial site Central UR Stegall

2017 THRU 2015

Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-7-15 Revision The View Condos/ 1912 Hillsborough St/ Condominiums Wade UR Walters
SR-14-15 E-28 Elementary School/ 6120 Poole Rd & 1920 Barwell Rd/ Elementary School Southeast UR Walters
SR-17-16 Sifen Self Storage Facility/ 1901-1908 Segi Ct/ Self Storage Facility North UR Walters
SR-23-16 BNE Transport, LLC/ 2109 Poole Rd/ Car lot and Office East Raleigh UR Walters
SR-27-16 The Oasis Community Project/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Place of Worship Northeast UR Walters
SR-31-16 Mira Mart Convenience Center/ 1700 New Bern Av/ Gas station and Convenience store South Central UR Walters
SR-44-16 Wendy's/ Poole Rd & New Hope Rd/ Restaurant Southeast UR Walters
SR-48-16 Fred Smith Office/ 6105 Chapel Hill Rd/ Office West UR Walters
SR-52-16 Cardinal Charter Academy East/ 2301 & 2309 Old Milburnie Rd/ School Northwest UR Walters
SR-56-16 Revision Stonehenge Place/ 7703 Ray Rd/ single family Southeast UR Boivin
SR-58-16 5401 North Amenity/ 7780 Midtown Market Av/ Commercial Forestville UR Rametta
SR-75-16 Solferino North/ 2209 Century Dr/ Office Midtown UR Rametta
SR-83-16 901 East Edenton/ 901 East Edenton St/ Apartments North Central UR Rametta
SR-93-16 301 Hillsborough/ 301 & 327 Hillsborough St/ Mixed-use Central UR Walters
SR-94-16 North State Street East/306 & 310 North State St/Townhomes/Single-family North Central UR Rametta
SR-100-16 Hillstone Cameron Village/ 305 Oberlin Rd and various other addresses/ Apartments Wade UR Walters
SR-102-16 Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites/ 200 W. Davie St/ Hotel Central UR Rametta
SR-5-17 Wake Forest Hyundai/ 11555 Commons Oaks Dr/ Vehicles sales North UR Walters
SR-10-17 Kent Road/ 1334 Kent Rd/ Duplex Apartments West UR Lobo
SR-14-17 Joven Properties Storage Facility/4405 Batts Rd/ Self Storage Northeast UR Lobo
SR-35-17 Macedonia Expansion/ 4119 Rocky Quarry Rd/ Religious South UR Stegall
SR-37-17 Wake Behavioral Health/ 3309 Durham Dr/ Medical Southwest UR Stegall
SR-56-17 FHD-309 N. State/ 309 N. State St/ Duplex Central UR Stegall
SR-64-17 Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Restauracion/ 4008 Virginia St/ Church Southeast UR Lobo
SR-94-17 1401 S Bloodworth St/ 1401 S Bloodworth St/ Restaurant/bar South Central UR Stegall
SR-98-17 Greystone Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ Apartments South UR Walters
SR-102-17 Elite Auto/ 3808 S Wilmington St/ Car dealership Southwest UR Boivin
SR-106-17 Wakefield United Methodist/ 11001 Forest Pines Dr/ Place of Worship North UR Walters




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Planning and Development
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