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Walnut Creek Wetland Park Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

Walnut Creek Wetland Park has a variety of rooms and spaces available for rent. View the details on those rental spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big are the rooms?

The Neuse River Room is our largest room at 1300 square feet. It is limited by fire code to 62 people. If everyone is in a seat at a table, it is a tight squeeze. It’s doable, but don’t expect there to be room to mingle or dance. The same holds true for the Walnut Creek Room, which has 900 square feet and a limit of 49 people. If everyone is seated at a table, it is tight.  

Need a larger venue?

Lake Johnson, Lake Wheeler, Five Points Center for Active Adults and Campbell Lodge at Durant Nature Preserve all offer space for more than 62 people.  

Should I rent the deck?

Your guests are welcome to mingle on the deck (as is any member of the public). If you wish to set up table(s) and chair(s) then you will need to rent the deck. Renting the deck does not increase the capacity of your rental. 

Which room has a kitchen?  

The Neuse River Room has an adjacent kitchen that you are welcome to use at no extra charge.  It has a microwave, sink, and a warming oven. It is not a cooking kitchen. All food must be cooked off-site. You are welcome to use whatever space is available in the refrigerator, however, there is not space in the freezer. (We keep our animals’ food there.) We do not have an ice maker, so you will need to bring your own. The Walnut Creek Room has a pair of sinks. 

Do you provide tables and chairs?  

Yes, and we are happy to set them up for you prior to your event. All of our tables are 6-foot rectangles. You are limited to the number of chairs that the room capacity will allow.  

When can I get into the room to set up?  

The time that you have rented the room is the time that you have access to the room. Please be sure to take into account the amount of time that you think you will need to set up, decorate and clean up the room when you are making your reservation.  

What is my responsibility when my event ends?  

Please remove all your belongings and leave the room as you found it. We are happy to empty the trash cans. Before you leave, touch base with a staff person and have them walk through the room with you. If something gets spilled or damaged during your event, please bring it to a staff person’s attention as soon as possible. Addressing a spill promptly means it is less likely to stain.  

Do you have a projector, amplifier, speakers or microphone?

Both rooms offer a pull-down screen. There is no other audio-visual equipment available. But we are happy to loan you an extension cord if you need it.

Can I bring a grill?

Our park does not allow grills, deep-fryers or other means to cook food on site. Please check with other parks to see if they may be able to meet your needs for that. 

Can I rent a food truck?

No. Food trucks are not allowed.

Can I do a gender reveal party?

Yes. However, we do not allow projectiles, confetti or powder devices, either indoors or outdoors.

Do you allow decorations?

You may use free-standing decorations or use masking or painter’s tape on the windows or wood surfaces (please remove it when you are finished). We do not allow anything to be stuck with tape, pins, or other adhesive methods on the sheetrock walls. No open flames are allowed (except for birthday candles and food chafing dish warmers). Battery candles are fine. 

What about balloon releases and bouncy houses?

We do not allow balloon releases. Balloon releases, while beautiful upon release, fall back to earth as litter that is harmful to wildlife and the environment. Other amusements such as bounce houses or other inflatables are not allowed at our park. You may want to check with one of the recreation centers.  

Do I need a catering permit if ordering delivery such as bagels and coffee?

No. You only need a catering permit when your caterer is staying on site, serving food from the kitchen, etc. There is no charge for a catering permit, but it must be returned at least 2 weeks before your event.

Can I have alcohol?

You can serve beer and wine (no liquor) with an alcohol permit. You must return a notarized alcohol permit application at least 4 weeks before your event. The cost of the alcohol permit is $100 and it is non-refundable.  

Can we have music?

You are welcome to have music, but please keep in mind that we are in a residential neighborhood, and we ask that you be respectful to our neighbors. If we think it is too loud, we will ask you to turn it down.  

Can my guests smoke outside?  

There is no smoking or vaping allowed within the park. However, guests are welcome to smoke or vape on the sidewalk at the ramp to the building on State Street. There is a cigarette disposal there, as well. 

Are there any discounts for non-profits?  

Approved non-profits are eligible for a 10% discount on the room rate. Just ask us about a non-profit rate.

What rules apply to a for-profit organization?

Our rates do not change for a for-profit organization unless you are collecting money at your rental.  If money is changing hands, there is a 20% upcharge on the room rental and the City of Raleigh collects an additional 20% of the sales. The same holds true if you are charging admission or just collecting donations.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 919-996-2760. 



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