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Budget Billing

City of Raleigh's Utility Bill Equal Payment Program

The Budget Billing program allows customers to pay the same amount each month for their utility usage for metered services. You will receive a monthly bill showing your usage, the actual bill amount, your account balance, and your monthly budgeted amount.

Your budgeted amounts are determined by reviewing your metered (i.e. water, wastewater, irrigation) charges for the previous year with adjustments made for any rate changes. Non-Metered charges could fluctuate to include but not limited to additional service requests and charges, late payment charges, adjustments, rate changes and will be added to the budgeted amount.

Payments must be received on or before the utility bill’s due date to maintain Budget Billing.

Your account balance must be current, without any past-due amounts, to participate in Budget Billing.  Once enrolled, any past-due charges, including those associated with a budget plan, will be subject to late payment charges.

Customers participating in Budget Billing will not be eligible for pay plans.

Customers must have an active email address on file for correspondence purposes and participate in E-billing.

You can sign up today.

Budget Billing can be cancelled at any time. If cancelled all billed charges will be due by the current due date to avoid possible disconnection and late payment charges.

Note: City of Raleigh will perform monthly monitoring on all Budget Billing accounts to review the actual usage and compare to the expected average. Budget Billing accounts are subject to at least an annual review of charges. You will need to continue to review your consumption and be aware of any unusual changes in the event of a possible leak.

The City of Raleigh will cancel Budget Billing for customers who are at risk of having their metered services turned off for non-payment. Up until the scheduling of disconnection of services, paying the past due budgeted balance (budget amount + non-metered charges) will keep Budget Billing in effect and keep the services from being disconnected. Once services are scheduled to be disconnected, the Budget Billing will be cancelled. Once cancelled due to the scheduling of disconnection of services, a customer must wait six (6) months before reestablishing Budget Billing.



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