front view of the raleigh municipal building

City Council Approves New Building Rules for Downtown Buildings

The City Council voted this week to approve revisions to the current building rules as stated in Resolution 2019-717 (Resolution to Adopt Rules Applicable to Certain City Buildings). Originally adopted in 2019, these rules apply specifically to the Raleigh Municipal Building, One Exchange Plaza, and 310 West Martin Street in Downtown Raleigh. The revised rules will take effect beginning on Aug. 1 at the Raleigh Municipal Building, with the other buildings to follow.

The revised rules are intended to enhance security at each location and include the following:

  • the addition of magnetometer equipment and bag checks;
  • modification of what items may be brought into the buildings; and
  • size limits for signs allowed in the building.

Revised rules and the new resolution apply to all who enter the buildings, including City employees and the general public. To view the rules in their entirety, see Resolution 2022-387.

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