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The City of Raleigh is committed to transparency and accountability, and is subject to the public records laws and policies of the federal government and the State of North Carolina.

Making information available via internet access saves the taxpayers money and time in many ways, including:

  • Residents do not have to go to a particular office to obtain information;
  • Maintenance of physical records is greatly decreased;
  • Business and community organizations have on-demand access to information; and,
  • Fewer staff members are needed to provide on-site service. 

Many of the most commonly requested records are available via self-service or open data.  

City of Raleigh Self-Service Records

City Council & Board and Commission Meetings

Open Data (including unclaimed checks, zoning, permits, and many others)

Planning and Development Services 

  • Portal access to all records listed:
    • Certificates of Occupancy
    • Certificates of Completeness
    • Permits Information
    • Building Inspections
    • Zoning Code Violations
    • Housing and Neighborhood/Nuisance Violations
    • Code Violations 

Public Safety

Public Utilities

Other Agencies

Marriage, Birth, and Death Records

Court Related Records  (including divorce, traffic violations, criminal and civil disputes)

Other Requests

Request City of Raleigh records not listed above.



Steps to request a record: 
1. Check to see if record is already online.
2. Review FAQ section on this page.
3. Submit a records request form.


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