Project Specific - Parking Q&A

Raleigh Convention Hotel and Downtown Development Project

K1. Can the underground parking cross the right of way below ground?   

Yes. In fact, constructing the  underground parking across the entire site creates increased efficiencies. The street may be constructed after subsurface construction is complete.  

K2. How many parking spaces could be developed below grade?   

That will be determined by design, however there is a below grade parking feasibility study that is online with the project website, that makes certain design assumptions resulting in a specific count for that study.  Currently, the City requires one parking space for every 2 hotel rooms. 

K3. Will the underground deck be expected to tie into the City's existing underground deck?    

No, but this can be shared if part of the project vision.   

K4. Will shared parking be considered?    

Yes with approved agreement.  Please elaborate on the proposal as part of your submission. 

K5. Will additional above-grade parking also be acceptable? 

Yes.  The City will consider submittals that contemplate other parking strategies but subsurface parking is preferred. 

K6. Will the selected developer control the parking it develops as part of the project, or, are there City expectations to allocate some of the developer-built parking for use by the convention center or other general downtown uses, i.e., a “district parking model”?  

The City has yet to discuss this and the City may be open to a public-private partnership on some parking.  At this time, the developer should assume they will control the parking it develops with the understanding that public incentives as noted are reserved for hotel parking/infrastructure. 

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