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Raleigh Convention Hotel and Downtown Development Project

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Welcome Back! Raleigh is once again fully open for business and is eager to re-start the Convention Hotel Request For Interest (RFI) process. Much of the project remains the same: two irreplaceable sites in the downtown core; a thriving and diverse economy; a nationally-ranked destination with vibrant entertainment venues, night-life, and restaurants; and a great place to live. Moreover, the focus of the RFI remains on the hotel component. It is the City’s desire that this process will ultimately culminate in the development of a high-quality upper-upscale convention hotel of 500 rooms or more. The second and adjacent development site remains optional for a mixed-use project. However, if pursued by prospective development teams, it is the City’s preference that this mixed-use tower consist primarily of residential spaces.

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This is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop a convention center hotel and separate residential/mixed-use tower on two prime vacant lots in downtown Raleigh. The City of Raleigh owns the property and seeks proposals of interest to develop (a) the hotel and residential/mixed-use tower projects, or (b) the hotel project only. Innovation, quality design and construction, and sustainability are important values to the City for this transformational project.

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The City of Raleigh is experiencing a surge in urban development. Since 2005, downtown has seen over $3 billion in development. This investment initially was stimulated by the implementation of the "Livable Streets Downtown Plan." The plan reinvigorated Raleigh's iconic main street, improved pedestrian access, and funded a new convention center. Many large-scale private development projects followed this major public investment with more than $1 billion in development completed since 2015.


The City of Raleigh continues to invest in the downtown experience with the adoption of a 10-year plan to add green space and retail while allowing for increased density and connectivity. This opportunity to build a convention center hotel and separate residential/mixed-use tower will be a big component of progressing the City's plan.

RFI Process & Requirements

Selection Process

Based on RFI submittals alone, the City of Raleigh may elect to negotiate with one development team on (a) the hotel and residential/mixed-use tower projects, or (b) the hotel project only. However, it is expected that the City will select a short-list of project development teams from the RFI responses to be invited to participate in a more detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and interview process. Note that only those development teams that submit an RFI response would be eligible for consideration by the City for a subsequent RFP process, should the City opt to pursue such a process. The City of Raleigh reserves the right to select and negotiate with any development team or teams for the hotel project and/or the hotel and residential/mixed-use tower projects.

Download the RFI

Submittal requirements (see RFI for more detail)  

  • Cover letter
  • Team background 
  • Experience 
  • Project Understanding and Vision 

Submission Terms and Conditions 

The City of Raleigh reserves the right to modify and/or terminate this process at any point in time. The preparation of a response shall be at the expense of the proposer. The City will not reimburse proposers for any costs associated with the preparation or submittal of a response.

Any materials submitted in response to this RFI may be subject to inspection under the public records laws of the State of North Carolina. (See Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes for additional information on these requirements.)

Date Details
June 2 RFI released; meet the City project team at ALIS conference open house
June 6 Meet the City project team at JLL New York office
July 1 Written questions due
July 22 Answers to questions released
Aug. 19 RFI submittals due by 5 p.m. to


Questions and Answers (Q&A)

  1. General / Market Related
  2. Convention Center Complex
  3. Project Specific - Buildings and Site
  4. Project Specific - Financial
  5. Project Specific - Parking
  6. Process

Contact Info

For further questions, please reach out to: 

Executive Vice President, JLL

phone: 404-307-9279

Respondents are reminded that one electronic copy of the RFI response is due via email to the email above by 5 p.m. on Aug. 19 with the subject line “Raleigh Convention Hotel RFI Response.”

Respondents should contact the individual listed above and are encouraged not to communicate directly or indirectly with City of Raleigh Council Members or other City employees regarding the RFI or submittals from the time the RFI is released until the City Council approves next steps in the process. Violation of this provision by the respondent or respondent’s agent may lead to disqualification from consideration.

Executive Vice President, JLL
phone: 404-307-9279

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