Process Q&A

Raleigh Convention Hotel and Downtown Development Project

P1. What will be the process going forward? 

After the RFI deadline,  JLL and the City will evaluate the responses. There may be follow-up questions and/or interviews that would be used at the City’s discretion to clarify questions/uncertainties pertaining to the submittals.  After the follow-up questions and interviews, likely early summer, City staff will engage a stakeholder team for input and develop recommendations for City Council.  The City Council will make the decision on how to proceed which could include proceeding to an RFP phase, negotiation with one developer team or reject all submittals and proceed in a different direction.  If the City proceeds with the RFP phase, it will work to develop an RFP with specific requirements and release a short-list of approximately 2-4 Lead Developers that will be invited to participate in the RFP process.  Once the short-list is released, sub-consultants and partners on teams that were not selected (brands, architects, contractors, office/mixed-use partners, etc.) will be permitted to join other Lead Developer teams that were short-listed. 

P2. Will there be an RFP? 

While the City may at its sole discretion select a developer immediately following the RFI with whom to commence negotiations, it is more likely that a short-list of finalists will be released. Only the short-listed lead developers and their selected team members will be invited to participate in the RFP.  City Council will make the decision based on staff’s recommendation. 

P3. Is it necessary to include local developers in the team?   

While not a requirement, use of local development partners, architects, engineers, contractors, etc. is encouraged. 

P4. What local authorities are involved in the process? 

The property is owned by the City of Raleigh and the City Council has the authority to negotiate and approve the project concept and any agreements for the development and conveyance of property interests for the site.  Regulatory  review for a project on the site will be through the City of Raleigh. 

P5. Do I need to respond to the RFI in order to be short-listed for the RFP? 


P6. What criteria will be most important in the selection process? 

Hotel quality, past development and delivery experience, program, creativity and design intentions and project vision as they all relate to the project’s ability to complement the Raleigh Convention Center and PAC as well as enhance the pedestrian experience in downtown Raleigh.  With respect to design, the City does not expect and is not looking for groups to produce architectural renderings as part of the RFI.  Rather, it is recommended that development teams provide examples of other projects your team had envisioned, refined (ideally with public sector input), financed and delivered.  Articulating how your team will use that experience to the benefit of this project is important. 

P7. Will there be an opportunity for sub-consultants to submit on this project? 

No.  The City intends to identify a best-fit lead developer as the ultimate outcome of this process.  Although the lead developer will likely have multiple sub-consultants on its team, it is up to the lead developer and the respective sub-consultants to form teams. 

P8. Does being short-listed to participate in the RFP process guarantee an interview, or, will the RFP submittals be further short-listed to move forward with an interview? 

Although the City reserves the right to proceed in any manner it deems appropriate, it is anticipated that interviews would be part of both the RFI and RFP processes.  While the City encourages thoroughness in all written submittals, it recognizes that face-to-face discussions on salient issues can provide the clarity needed by both parties. 


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