Facade Rehabilitation Grant Program

Funding to support commercial property exterior improvements

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How do I apply for a Facade Rehabilitation Grant? Funding and Eligibility Grant Priority Areas Video: Facade Grant Success Story

The City of Raleigh's Facade Rehabilitation Grant program promotes growth and development by supporting small business owners in transforming their commercial buildings into vibrant, attractive spaces.  Property owners and businesses can receive matching reimbursement grants of up to $10,000 to refurbish the exteriors of their existing buildings, enhancing the community and stimulating economic activity. 

Established in the 1980s to assist businesses and property owners in Raleigh’s Downtown and older commercial districts, the Facade Rehabilitation Grant Program has helped more than 100 businesses put a new “face” on the way they market their goods and services. 

For more information and to ensure that you are eligible for the program, view the program brochure. 

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2nd Friday, Sept. 20, 2024 Sunday, Oct. 13, 2024 Friday, Nov. 1, 2024
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before and after of a facade on fayetteville street

How do I apply for a Facade Rehabilitation Grant?

This matching reimbursement program helps small business owners invest in property improvements, by matching up to 50 percent of the qualified rehabilitation costs. 

Residential properties and properties outside of Raleigh are not eligible. Interior projects are also not eligible for the grant. The facade improvements must be clearly visible from public streets. Before submitting an application, applicants must review full list of requirements in the program brochure.

  1. Complete the Facade Rehabilitation Grant pre-application to determine eligibility. (Application is available only during an active grant cycle)
  2. Staff will provide an application via email if a pre-applicant is determined to be eligible to apply. Ineligible applicants will be notified.
  3. Submit application. Applications are accepted only during the quarterly grant cycles.

Funding and Eligibility

How does the Facade Grant Program work?
Businesses located in the Economic Development Priority Areas of Raleigh may use funds for specified exterior building improvements including lighting, signage or awnings, murals, and art. Businesses must adhere to certain design guidelines and have all the necessary approvals to be eligible.

What types of improvements qualify for funding?
Facade Grant funds are available for the following improvements:

Facade Items: Art & Mural Items:
  • Removal of false fronts (such as aluminum panels)
  • Repair or replacement of windows, doors, and cornices
  • Repair or replacement of facade materials
  • Exterior lighting
  • Exterior painting (when associated with a larger rehabilitation effort)
  • Design and construction costs
  • Artist fees
  • Labor costs and equipment rental
  • Construction and material costs
  • Exterior painting and lighting costs

Routine maintenance is NOT eligible for funding by the Facade Grant program. The Facade Grant does NOT focus on project’s that do not require permits. As non-permitted projects typically don’t align with the grant’s intended purpose. Projects that have already submitted or received permitting and currently underway are NOT eligible. Murals covering facades in good condition are NOT eligible. 

How much funding am I eligible for?

  • For businesses located in the Economic Development Priority Areas, grant rebates of up to $10,000 or 50 percent of exterior rehabilitation costs (whichever is less) are available.
  • For businesses located outside the Economic Development Priority Areas may be eligible for up to $5,000 or 50 percent of exterior rehabilitation costs (whichever is less).

To check to see if your business is located in the Economic Development Priority Areas and eligible for the grant, enter your address below.

Grant Priority Areas

Companies locating within adopted Priority Areas for Economic Development will be eligible for enhanced terms and amounts. Use the map below to see if your company is located in the priority area (in green).

Video: Facade Grant Success Story

Facade Grant Success Story



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