A City car sits under a large panel marked as "Solar Power Charging Station"

Raleigh is using federal funds for solar-powered electric vehicle chargers. The City will make two chargers available to the public - keep an eye out for more information on when this will become available. 

Using Grant Money to Improve Climate Resilience

Learn how the City is using federal funding for climate action

Raleigh is a leader in piloting solutions that tackle the overlapping crises of climate change and racial wealth inequity. Several of them are financed with federal funds – here are some examples of how the City is using federal funding for climate action.

  • More than $9 million of American Recovery Act funding for climate action related projects, including electric vehicles and infrastructure, food security, and solar projects for low-income residents, etc.
  • Almost $442,000 Community Climate Education for a Resilient Raleigh grant from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Atmosphere Administration, which provides climate-vulnerable Raleigh residents the resources necessary to build resilience, engage with decision-makers, and build connections within their community
  • More than $450,000 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the Department of Energy for an e-bike program, community electric vehicle charging and solar-powered charging    
  • $1 million to Raleigh’s Urban Forestry Equity Project, which includes the Street Tree Equity project to plant trees in areas of most need, mitigating climate impacts
  • More than $4 million in various grants from the U.S. and N.C. Department of Transportation, U.S. Federal Highway Administration, etc. for congestion mitigation; electric vehicles, electric buses and infrastructure, clean transportation fuels and technologies 

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