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Partnership Raleigh Interns

Partnership Raleigh Program

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Partnership Raleigh is a public-private partnership between the City of Raleigh and the local business community. The goal of this initiative is to employ young adults between the ages of 17 and 21 who live in Raleigh. This partnership benefit all parties involved: the youth acquire invaluable employment experience, work-related training and professional development skills. The business community receives qualified youth employees who may become long-term employees and provide positive contributions to the future of the community.

Prior to being hired, youth candidates acquire invaluable employment experience, training and life skills. The candidates that we recommend for hire will have worked in the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program for two full summers, completed a minimum of twenty five hours of LifeSkills Development training and achieved Bring Your A-Game to Work certification. Bring Your A-Game to Work is a nationally recognized work ethic and leadership development curriculum specifically designed for youth workers.

LifeSkills Development and Bring Your A-Game to Work are both designed to enhance the youth worker’s individual interactions, interviewing, job performance, workplace ethics and career prospects.

The business community receives qualified youth workers who may become long-term employees, providing positive contributions to the community while the youth continue to gain employment experience, workplace training and professional development skills.

Program Needs

  • Employment opportunities for youth during the school year and in the summer
  • Substantial participation and involvement from the business community
  • Mentoring for youth workers (including life skills and professional development)


Program Goals

  • Provide employment to youth that want and need jobs year round
  • Expand the number of jobs offered beyond the City of Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Provide career oriented work experiences for Raleigh’s youth
  • Offer a more diverse selection of career exploration opportunities
  • Teach business expectations and equip youth with related job skills
  • Fill employer needs with qualified employees


Program Structure

Interested businesses will submit an Employment Inquiry Form that includes a job description, expectations, qualifications and rate of pay. Rate of pay should be minimum wage or more.

Employers’ options for hiring Partnership Raleigh candidates:

  1. Businesses may interview multiple candidates from Partnership Raleigh referrals (We will refer a minimum of three youth candidates that meet the needs of the company’s job description and hiring criteria)
  2. Businesses may ask Partnership Raleigh to select a youth for placement
  3. Businesses provide Partnership Raleigh with job posting(s)

Hired youth will be responsible for their transportation. Once a youth is hired, he/she is an employee of that business and is subject to the policies and procedures of the employer.

Program Support & Tracking

The Neighborhood Enrichment Services Division/ Youth Services Unit will track the progress and provide additional support for the Partnership Raleigh youth worker.