Building a Screened-in Porch, Deck, or Balcony

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Before You Start What You'll Need Scheduling an Inspection Deck Brochure (PDF) Fee Information

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The processes below may have changed due to COVID-19. Please visit our Planning and Development information page for the most up to date processes and procedures.

If you are planning to add a screened porch, deck, or balcony to your home, you must obtain the proper permits before you start construction. The project also must be inspected by the City. This ensures that projects are safe, comply with building codes, and helps protect your property value as well as your neighbors’. 

It can be a costly mistake to add a screened porch, deck, or balcony without obtaining permits and inspections. If you sell your house, you will be required to get permits and inspections before closing on the sale, which may require the finished work to be torn out costing you time and money.

Before You Start

What You'll Need

Send the following information to Each document should be sent in a separate PDF:

  1. Complete the Residential Permit Application
  2. Complete the Residential Site Plan Checklist
  3. A survey showing proposed work in 1 or 2 ways:
    1. Please note we require a certified survey done by a land surveyor. We cannot accept a certified survey that has been revised by anyone outside of the surveyor. You may submit an original survey (signed and sealed by a land surveyor) that shows the proposed work, OR;
    2. If the certified survey does not show the proposed work submit it and a supplemental copy of the survey. The supplemental copy is a copy that does not show the surveyor's credentials (seal, signature, name, or any reference to the surveyor). On this copy, you may draw in and label the proposed work.

Small sites undergoing development or redevelopment may need to meet additional stormwater requirements.

Scheduling an Inspection

Inspections should be scheduled via a registered account on the Permit and Development Portal

Deck Brochure (PDF)

Download our Deck Brochure has helpful information. Check it out before building an attached or self-supporting deck for your home.

Fee Information

Permit fees are due when permits are issued. The City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule is available online for information regarding specific fees. Fees can be paid at our downtown Customer Service Center using cash, Mastercard, Visa, or check may payable to the City of Raleigh. You can also pay online via the Permit and Development Portal.



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