A zoning permit for residential property.

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If you are planning to add a fence to your yard, you must first obtain permits from the City before beginning construction. Once permitted and construction is underway, the project must be inspected by the city.

Before getting started

There are a few important things to review prior to submitting your permit application:

  1. If you are a homeowner acting as the contractor for your project, the Homeowners Exemption Affidavit is required.
  2. Is your home located in a Historic District or designated as a Raleigh Historic Landmark? If so, you are required to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness to the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC). Approval from the RHDC may be required prior to submitting your permit application. 
  3. If your property contains a private well or septic services, you may need approval from Wake County prior to applying with the City of Raleigh.
  4. If you have requested a variance, it needs to be approved by Board of Adjustment.
  5. The property should have a legally recorded map at the Durham or Wake County Register of Deeds.
  6. Your property may be subject to Residential Infill Compatibility standards. Click here to learn more about residential infill development and verification.

How To Apply

For a fence, the following is required:

  • Residential Permit Application
  • Residential Site Plan Checklist
  • Fence diagram (picture of the proposed fence)
  • A survey indicating the proposed work on the property. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Please know we cannot accept a certified survey that has been revised by anyone outside of the surveyor. You may submit an original survey (signed and sealed by a land surveyor) that shows the proposed work.
    2. If the certified survey does not show the proposed work submit it and a supplemental copy of the survey. The supplemental copy is a copy that does not show the surveyor's credentials (seal, signature, name, or any reference to the surveyor). On this copy, you may draw in the proposed work.

Please send a PDF of the entire application packet (with all documents) to DowntownDS@raleighnc.gov.

Monitoring Your Project

The Permit and Development Portal is a great way to manage your project activity online. Once you have registered an account, you are able to view your project work flow, pay fees, or schedule inspections.

Visit our permit portal help center for a list of frequently asked questions and a direct link to the portal.


Permit fees are due when permits are issued. For current fees, see the Development Fee Guide.

Fees can be paid online via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal.

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