The artist lays on her mural of a cicada in Nash Square

Raleigh ArtBeats

Department of Transportation in Partnership with Raleigh Arts

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Image Above: Elisabeth Flock, Raleigh ArtBeats 2020, southeast corner of Nash Square

Twenty-five artists are creating site-specific sidewalk murals in downtown Raleigh as part of Raleigh ArtBeats, a temporary public art project led by the City of Raleigh Department of Transportation (RDOT) and Raleigh Arts.

The artworks are unique, often playing with the surrounding landscape or infrastructure, and are all located within Downtown Raleigh’s 110-block municipal services district.

View the Murals

dinosaur drawn in chalk on a sidewalk

Our interactive story map tells you a little bit about each mural and artist. 

There are three easy ways experience the sidewalk murals. 

  1. In-person
  2. View on our interactive ArcGIS Storymap with location information
  3. See our mural slideshow below with street intersections

Know Where You Stand
Claire Alexandre
Intersection of Salisbury and Cabarrus Streets 

Love Flowers
Jose Cruz
100 block of S. Harrington Street

Elisabeth Flock
Southeast corner of Nash Square

Britt Flood
1 S. Wilmington Street

Lava Jump
Sam Greene
100 block of E. Jones Street

Chika Gujarathi
101 S. Blount Street 

Sabrina Hurtado
Intersection of Hargett and McDowell Streets

Kristen Krumenaker
Northside of Lenoir Street between Salisbury and Fayetteville Streets

Freedom Now
David Moses
Intersection of Harrington and Jones Streets 

Pure Love
JP Jermaine Powell
Intersection of Davie and Wilmington Streets

Robert Quinn
Intersection of Martin and Fayetteville Streets

The Butterfly Effect
Brook Ramsey
127 W. Hargett Street

Three Heads Are Better Than None
Kelly Schrader
235 S. Salisbury Street

Muslimah Shareef
100 block of E. South Street

Susan Yuh
603 W. Morgan Street

Mural Artists

Fall 2020 Artists 

Fifteen artists installed their artworks in fall 2020. The selected artists are:

Claire Alexandre | Jose Cruz | Elisabeth Flock | Britt Flood | Sam Greene | Chika Gujarathi | Sabrina Hurtado | Kristen Krumenacker | David Moses | JP Jermaine Powell | Robert Quinn | Brook Ramsey | Kelly Schrader | Muslimah Shareef | Susan Yuh

Spring 2021 Artists

Another 10 artists will install in the spring. The selected artists are:

GR Amaya-Baron | Brenda Brokke | Karen Coachman | Nicole Drake | Paul Friedrich | Huda Kamal | TJ Mundy | Delvin Parker | Justin Perry | Kiara Sanders

2018-19 Artists

Raquel Assanoua | Karen Coachman | Nicole Drake | Sean Durham | Britt Flood | Chika Gujarathi | Jai Martin | Laura Myers | Megan O'Connor | Leah Palmer Preiss | Robert Quinn | Helen Seebold | Buffy Taylor | Martha Thorn | Graymon Ward

Painting and Process

The City provides the paint, an ADA-compliant low VOC (volatile organic compounds) porch and floor enamel, demonstrated to have staying power from previous sidewalk mural installations. The paint is made by Sherwin Williams on Peace Street, whose paint technicians work closely with the artists to select and mix custom paint colors. RDOT’s Team Downtown Raleigh guides location choices, power washes the “canvas” to clear impediments and manages traffic control.

Project History and Awards

In 2018 the City of Raleigh launched Raleigh ArtBeats, a temporary public art project spearheaded by the City of Raleigh’s Department of Transportation (RDOT) and Raleigh Arts, with help from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and Artspace.

Raleigh ArtBeats received an overwhelmingly positive public response and was awarded as one of the top 12 submissions in the American Planning Association Urban Design & Preservation Division’s 2019 Creative Placemaking Writing Competition. Raleigh Art Beats was featured in a publication showcasing the winners as part of the organization’s national conference in San Francisco.

In 2020, RDOT expanded the project from the original 15 artists to include an additional 25 artists for fall 2020 and spring 2021 installations.

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