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Required Information

A Sewer Release form is required when an existing service has plumbing fixtures installed on a finished floor elevation below the elevation of the manhole cover of the next upstream manhole in the City sanitary sewer system, and if that service does not have a backwater valve installed.

This must be done in the form and manner provided by Raleigh's Director of Public Utilities or their designee, waiving the City's liability in case of a sewage backflow from the main into the building. This form will be recorded in the appropriate register of deeds office.

If an existing sanitary sewer system is altered or added onto in any way that requires a plumbing permit, the building drain and the building sewer that the sanitary system drains through shall meet the current enforceable edition of the N.C. Plumbing Code. If a backwater valve is required by the N.C. Plumbing Code , then a backwater valve shall be installed in the building drain or the building sewer.

Required Information

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Required Information

NOTICE: Information regarding required information to be updated.

Information needed from the Wake County website
  • Brief Description for Index - Use Property Address or Real Estate ID# (Do not use the property description)
  • Property I.D. Number - Only use Parcel Identification Number (PIN #)
  • Legal Description - Use Book and Page Reference


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