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Raleigh Water Expands Chemical Storage to Keep Water Safe

Expansion complies with latest standards

On May 7, Raleigh City Council approved the City's latest initiative to maintain the best-in-class water quality.

Raleigh Water is expanding and upgrading its chemical campus to include more storage for water treatment chemicals, like powder activated carbon (PAC).  PAC is an essential chemical that helps remove per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAs, which are human-made chemicals that we want to keep out of our water. PAC also improves the taste of the water and removes any odors.

While these upgrades were already underway long before the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest standards announcement April 10, 2024, the  expansion is another step to keep Raleigh Water in compliance.  

Raleigh is committed to providing safe, great-tasting water for all our customers and this is another step to deliver on that.

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WaterCity Council