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Vehicle Fleet Services

A service unit of the Engineering Services Department





The Vehicle Fleet Services Division is responsible for keeping the City's vehicle fleet operating safely and efficiently by providing equipment replacement, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs.

We have 1,729 alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles in our fleet which include:

  • 491 B20 Bio-Diesel;
  • 1059 E85 Ethanol; 
  • 17 Propane;
  • 4 Compressed Natural Gas;
  • 24 Electric;
  • 8 Plug-In Hybrids; and,
  • 226 Hybrids.

In last four years, Vehicle Fleet Services was named one of the top 100 fleets in America by the "100 Best Fleets" program for its exceptional performance within the fleet industry, which includes more than 38,000 public fleets.