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Enhancing Safety Through Vision Zero

The City of Raleigh is the second largest rapidly expanding metropolitan area in the United States. With our ongoing growth, there's an urgent need for a well-coordinated plan to enhance road safety.

An essential component of this endeavor was the announcement of the FHWA $1 million SS4A grant award in February 2023. This grant will empower the city in securing the services of an engineering firm to assist in the development of a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan.  The anticipated completion of the Comprehensive Safety Action plan is late 2025.

 Vision Zero is a strategy to reduce and eliminate serious injuries and fatalities along our transportation network while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all.

“Vision Zero is a commitment to a future where our streets are not just thoroughfares, but safe and vibrant spaces where every life and mode of transportation is valued and protected,” said Raleigh’s Vision Zero Program Manager Sean Driskill, PE.  “As responsible drivers, we play a pivotal role in the realization of Vision Zero. By staying alert, obeying speed limits, avoiding distractions, yielding to pedestrians, and never driving under the influence we actively contribute to making our streets safer for everyone. Together, our actions can help eliminate injuries and fatalities on our roads.”

Speeding is a significant factor in 30% of fatal crashes nationwide, highlighting the urgency of measures like Vision Zero. It's crucial to address this issue since motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for individuals aged 1 to 34 in the United States. Factors such as distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and speeding continue to be the primary causes of car accidents in the country.



Sean Driskill, PE
Vision Zero Program Manager

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Traffic Engineering