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What's an EnviroScape?

An educational activity for students

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An EnviroScape is a 3-D model of a watershed that is: 

  • Hands-on; 
  • Interactive; and, 
  • Shows direct impacts of pollution on streams.

Set up a Visit 

Are you interested in setting up a demo with our stormwater educator? Contact Carmela Teichman at 919-996-4032.

How it Works

During the demonstration, the stormwater educator will: 

  1. Ask what causes pollution when it rains;
  2. Show how stormwater runoff carries pollution to streams, lakes, and rivers (This is when participants help make it rain!); and,
  3. Explain what can be done to prevent water pollution.

Age Groups

We typically do EnviroScape demonstrations in Raleigh schools. But, this demonstration is good for all ages (children to adults)! 

Virtual EnviroScape Demo

Enviroscape demo: Learn about Water Pollution

This hand-on activity shows you where water flows when it rains. Plus, the types of pollution water picks up along the way and how that impacts streams and rivers



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