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Chlorinated Pools

Preventing Harmful Chemicals from Entering Storm Drains

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Harmful Chemicals Tips for Maintaining Pools

Harmful Chemicals

Chlorinated or salt water from pools can pollute streams and creeks. This happens when chlorine and other pool chemicals enter a storm drain or stream. You can help protect the environment by making sure only rain goes down the storm drain. When you are maintaining a private or public pool – do not pump or drain water into the stormwater system.

If you observe stormwater pollution, call the Stormwater Helpline at 919-996-3940 or send an email to

Tips for Maintaining Pools

  1. Wait at least 10 days after chlorinating a pool before releasing any water.
  2. Clean out algae and leaves before draining your pool so you don’t clog storm drains.
  3. Release water from a chlorinated and saltwater pool to a grassy area away from a stream or storm drain.

Don’t have a grassy area? De-chlorinate and test the pool water to make sure chemical levels are low before releasing it. Visit a pool supply store for instructions.



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