A bioretention area installed to reduce water pollution coming from Milburnie Road

Stormwater Features In the Right-of-Way

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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Financial Incentive Green Raleigh Review

You can now install green stormwater features in the City right-of-way. Placing features in this area frees up land for other aspects of your project.

Financial Incentive

We'll pay you for the difference in cost between:

  • Traditional right-of-way stormwater infrastructure (i.e. pipes and culverts); and, 
  • Green stormwater features (i.e. bioretention areas)


  • The city owns and maintains green stormwater features after construction.
  • Payment is on a case-by-case basis. Contact us by email or call 919-996-3940 to see if you're eligible.

Green Raleigh Review

Use Green Raleigh Review to add green stormwater features and energy efficient practices to your site plan. This process works with site review, bundled site review, and building plans express commercial review.



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