Spring Drive Completed DA Project

Pending Drainage Assistance Projects

We rank projects based on priority and severity. The projects aren't approved or funded yet. We have $1.75 million a year dedicated to this program.

Ranks - Adjust based on the condition of your project and changes with other projects. Learn about the program process.

Please note that while your project is waiting for assistance, you are still responsible for maintenance on your private property. The City will accept responsibility only if/when easements are donated to the City.

If you don’t see your project on this pending list, please check the Stream Stabilization Pending Projects List.

Last updated - October 2023

1Wood Spring CourtInfrastructure29.50
2Glenbrook Dr.Infrastructure27.07
3Port Royal Rd 2109Infrastructure26.92
4Grist Mill 7201Infrastructure26.75
5Meredith StreetIntegrated26.73
6Runnymede Rd. 906Infrastructure26.63
7Angel Falls RdInfrastructure26.45
8New Bern Ave 2337Integrated26.34
9Gramercy Ct. 4609Infrastructure26.26
10Hershey CourtInfrastructure26.22
11Keswick DriveInfrastructure26.17
12Glenwood Ave 1909/1911Infrastructure26.12
146208 Dresden Ln.Integrated25.82
15Fox Road 4520Integrated25.80
17Brookside Drive 1214/1215Infrastructure25.47
18Pastille LnInfrastructure25.17
19Dale Street 1321Integrated25.16
208605 Hawksmoor DriveInfrastructure24.89
21Bridlington LaneInfrastructure24.75
22Clerestory 2608Infrastructure24.13
23529 Ashebrook DriveInfrastructure24.00
24916 RavenwoodInfrastructure24.00
25Brittany Woods TownhomesInfrastructure23.80
26Chatham LnInfrastructure23.54
27Colleton RdInfrastructure23.47
286145 Paducah Dr.Infrastructure23.34
29Dresden 6316Other23.32
30Quartz Ct. 2336Infrastructure23.29
311732 Brooks AveInfrastructure23.25
32Tischer RoadInfrastructure23.24
33Tappersfield Court 12400 & 12404Infrastructure23.22
34Radner Way 11925Infrastructure22.97
35Savan CtInfrastructure22.27
37Savannah DrInfrastructure21.68
38Gemini DrInfrastructure21.14
39Gemini DrInfrastructure21.14
40Shallcross WayInfrastructure21.02
41Anderson Drive CondosInfrastructure20.32
42Fairfax 1204 and 1208Infrastructure19.92
43Donna Road 3705Infrastructure19.87
44Rosehaven Drive 324Integrated18.73
45Bashford RdIntegrated18.42
46Prospector PlaceIntegrated17.36
474608 Hiddenbrook DriveIntegrated16.94
48Grist Mill RoadInfrastructure16.63
49Denbel CircleInfrastructure16.33
50Samantha DriveInfrastructure15.17



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