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Raleigh Rainwater Rewards Subsidy Program

100% Funding for Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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New Pilot Program! R3 Subsidy Map What is Raleigh Rainwater Rewards?

This program is part of Raleigh’s Sustainable Business Toolkit, a collection of programs designed to help businesses and other organizations save money and help reach the goals in the city’s Community Climate Action Plan.

New Pilot Program!

In 2022, Raleigh City Council designated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to expand outreach and implementation of Raleigh Rainwater Rewards projects in disproportionately impacted communities through a pilot program that offers 100% reimbursement of project costs for property owners, rental properties, and places of worship. Collaboration with a range of stakeholders helped the City develop eligibility criteria to maximize limited funding to target communities that demonstrate the greatest need in response to the pandemic.

To learn more information about the subsidy pilot program, send an email to rainwaterrewards@raleighnc.gov.

R3 Subsidy Map

The map provided shows areas of Raleigh that qualify for the subsidy program.

What is Raleigh Rainwater Rewards?

In 2010, the City of Raleigh implemented the Raleigh Rainwater Rewards (R3) program - a unique incentive program that utilizes approximately 1% of Raleigh’s stormwater utility fee annual revenue to facilitate the voluntary installation of water quality improvement projects on public and private properties throughout the City of Raleigh. Through the traditional 75% - 90% reimbursement of approved costs to property owners, over 200 projects have been completed in the program’s twelve-year history. Project types have included green roofs, cisterns, silva cells, bioretentions/rain gardens, and impervious surface removal.

Visit the Raleigh Raleigh Rainwater Rewards website to begin the process and apply.



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