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Impervious Surface

Impervious surface is...

Hard surface on a property that does not allow rain to soak into the ground. 

Roofs Commercial buildings
Garages and carports Patios
Storage sheds Driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots

Find Your Property's Impervious Surface

Use this map to see your property's impervious surface area.

Connection to the Stormwater Fee

We base the stormwater rate you pay on the amount of impervious surface on your property.

Here’s why

  1. Since impervious surface doesn't allow rain to soak in the ground, we need to manage where that water goes and how it flows. 
  2. The more impervious surface, the more we have to manage stormwater. 

The stormwater fee helps us maintain and improve the stormwater system. The system safely carries water through streets and yards to storm drains and streams.


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