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Gasoline and Oil

Help keep our local waterways clean

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Chemicals Everyday Tips Practices for Professionals


There are chemicals in gasoline that can go directly to our streams and creeks if you dump it into a storm drain, which is unsafe for the environment. 

Everyday Tips

  • Don't overfill or 'top off' equipment when fueling; 
  • Never leave a pump unattended while fueling; 
  • Notify us if there's a spill at 919-996-3940 or IllegalDischarge@raleighnc.gov; and, 
  • Follow label instructions when using chemicals. 

Practices for Professionals

Do you work with diesel-powered equipment or generators? Follow these tips to properly dispose of gasoline or oil so that it doesn't make its way into the stormwater system. You'll protect the environment and help us meet permit requirements. 

  1. Know how to fuel and use the equipment. 
  2. Carry spill response details with you. Contact us if you can't contain the spill. (919-996-3940 or RaleighStormwater@raleighnc.gov)
  3. Store generators or equipment under cover and with items to help contain a spill. 
  4. Regularly inspect, test and repair equipment. 
  5. Make sure there are no leaks before moving or using the equipment.
  6. Always look for leaks or spills when using equipment. 



Zachary Poole
Illicit Discharge Coordinator 

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