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Food Trucks: Keep Grease Out of the Storm Drain

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Your Truck Grease Disposal Water Pollution

Your Truck

  • After an event - wash your truck away from storm drains so soapy water and other cooking debris don’t wash into our waterways;
  • Never dump grease into the storm drain; and
  • Never dump grease in a sink -- it’ll clog the pipes.

Looking to operate a food truck? Visit wakegov.com for more details on getting a permit through the county.

View City zoning requirements for food trucks. 

Grease Disposal

  • Use a grease receptacle at your food service facility to dispose of the cooking fats, oils, and grease.
  • Regularly service your grease receptacle -- have it professionally emptied to prevent overflows and unexpected cleanup costs.

Water Pollution

Never dump fats, oils, and grease from your food truck into a storm drain -- that greasy mess from cooking goes right into our streams and creeks! It’s harmful to the environment and it’s illegal, too.

Learn what else can cause water pollution.