Common Questions: Raleigh Rainwater Rewards

Do you have more questions about Raleigh Rainwater Rewards? Here are common questions that we get from applicants. 

How long does the program process take?

The entire process takes about four to 16 weeks. This depends on the project, reimbursement, and schedule. 

Application This takes about two - six weeks for staff to review and approve applications. This timeframe depends on reimbursement amount requested.
Legal Agreement It takes about four weeks to complete the legal agreement process for your project. 
Construction You can start construction once we approve your application. Work can take a few days to several months. You have one year to complete the project. 
Final inspection/Reimbursement It takes one - two weeks to complete a final inspection and provide reimbursement.

Do these projects fix stormwater system issues or flooding?

Projects through Raleigh Rainwater Rewards do not address stormwater system issues. But, some projects may help reduce nuisance flooding. This happens if stormwater runoff coming from your property contributes to flooding.

How much rain does a project collect?

Projects collect the first inch of rain coming from a roof, patio, and driveway on your property. If we get more than one inch, the water will flow past the project to the lowest area on your property. Collecting the first inch of rain helps prevent maintenance and stormwater system issues.

Why are there different reimbursement levels?

Projects receive 90 percent reimbursement because they are in high-priority areas. This includes:

  • Impaired watersheds like Pigeon House Branch and Perry Creek; 
  • Drinking watersheds like Swift Creek and Falls Lake; and,
  • The Downtown District because it's almost all impervious surface. These surfaces don't allow rain to soak into the ground. When this happens, we need to manage stormwater more as it flows through the city.

All other areas throughout Raleigh are eligible for 75 percent reimbursement.

Does every project work on all properties?

No. Specific projects work based on your property, space available, topography, and project design.

How do I select a contractor?

You can select your own design professional and contractor. We can provide information on contractors and other professionals who have completed projects before.

What are the maintenance requirements for a project?

The maintenance requirements last between five and 10 years. This depends on the reimbursement provided for your project. During the maintenance period, you will need to: 

  1. Complete an annual check-in with City staff; 
  2. Confirm the project works correctly; and,
  3. Submit a questionnaire with photos to



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