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Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance Cameron Village Merchants’ Association Downtown Raleigh Alliance Five Points Business District Association Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation Midtown Raleigh Alliance New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance Person Street Partnership

Raleigh is home to various business alliances that support small business and economic development efforts throughout Raleigh. Raleigh ED&I is strategically working to strengthen its partnerships with these alliance partners.

Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance

The Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance is an independent non-profit created by a partnership between the City of Raleigh, NC State University and the property owners, businesses and residents of the Blue Ridge Road Corridor in the summer of 2014. The Blue Ridge Corridor is an area centered around a 3-mile length of the Blue Ridge Road running North-South from Western Blvd. to Edwards Mill Rd. The corridor encompasses several state properties, medical facilities, neighborhoods, and office/retail parks extending East to I-440 and West to I-40.

Executive Director: Jeff Murison

Cameron Village Merchants’ Association

When it comes to shopping venues, the Cameron Village Merchants’ Association is a unique organization that exists almost nowhere else. Independent, merchant-run, merchant-directed, and merchant-funded, it is a powerful entity that helps shape the direction and shopping experience of Cameron Village. Comprised of all merchants and led by a volunteer board of elected directors, the Merchants’ Association is invested in the community of customers and merchants. We ensure all customers have the best shopping experience possible. They help guide and advance the growth of Cameron Village sales and the overall marketing, events, and public relations of the center—while staying true to the mission and four foundations of Cameron Village.

Executive Director: Pat Boyle

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Founded in 1996, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) serves as the administrator of the Downtown Raleigh Municipal Services District (MSD), which is a defined special assessment district in which property owners contribute toward enhanced services. The management and maintenance of the public realm, via the Ambassador program and Team Downtown Raleigh, account for some of the major investments made possible through the MSD. Other program investments include storefront recruitment, business retention, and community engagement programs. The DRA also leverages MSD funds in a variety of ways through marketing, communications, and promotional campaigns to attract more customers to support the development of the district.

President & CEO: Bill King

Five Points Business District Association

Created in 2016, the Five Points Business District Association is a non-profit merchants association with the purpose of organizing, supporting, encouraging, and motivating the 60 +/- merchants, service providers, food and beverage destination establishments, shops, and commercial businesses.  The area in which the organization supports is contained roughly within a half-mile radius from the historic Five Points intersection of Whitaker Mill Road, Fairview Road, and Glenwood Avenue.  The primary goal of the Five Points Business District Association is to improve the quality of life experiences of shoppers, diners, clients, visitors, residents, and business owners and their employees while improving the profitability, growth, success, and sustainability of the local business community.

Executive Director: David Clappier

Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative

Formed in November 2013, the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative’s (GSNC) goals are to bring residents and merchants together to strengthen the community and to develop models for communication and collaboration around issues affecting the neighborhood. 

Director: Larry Miller


Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Raleigh Chamber is to sustain and further develop a thriving economy and to enhance our community's quality of life. As the Triangle’s largest business membership organization with more than 2,200 member firms representing two-thirds of the private sector employment in Wake County, we support the interests of the local business community. From large corporations to local startups, innovation is in Raleigh’s DNA. In the world of economic development, this area has become a model for the country. Take advantage of the many opportunities the Chamber offers and see for yourself why the Raleigh area is consistently named one of the best places to work and live in America.

President/CEO: Adrienne Cole

Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation

The Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation (HSCSC) is an independent, not for profit, municipal service district created in the fall of 2009 by the City of Raleigh in partnership with N.C. State University and the property owners, merchants and residents on and around Hillsborough Street. HSCSC, better known as Live It Up! Hillsborough Street, is a 3-mile long corridor that runs on both sides of Hillsborough Street, from St. Mary's School to the I-440 Beltline, including W. Morgan Street and a few side streets. The territory connects to, but does not include, Cameron Village. The territory includes a diverse collection of businesses, organizations, institutions and residential options. Live It Up! Hillsborough Street provides a range of services and programs that help make the Hillsborough Street community a better place to live, work, play, shop, dine, learn and visit, including cleaning, security, beautification, marketing and communications, economic development, special events and tourism, planning and advocacy, parking and transportation, research, arts and community.

Executive Director: Jeff Murison

Midtown Raleigh Alliance

The Midtown Raleigh Alliance, created in Spring 2011, promotes the Midtown brand and Midtown as a destination for economic development. The Alliance brings together stakeholders and creates a meaningful forum for quality of life issues and solution exploration and advocates for the needs of Midtown before the city, county, and other governmental bodies. The Midtown Raleigh Alliance also provides social and networking opportunities for members to foster strong and meaningful relationships.

Executive Director: Tara Robbins

New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance

The New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance (NBACA) was formed in 2012 to advocate for an implementation strategy for the City of Raleigh led corridor enhancements outlined in the New Bern Avenue Corridor Study, dated January 6, 2012 and adopted by stakeholders, the Planning Commission and the City Council. The New Bern Corridor Alliances carries the mission to implement phased corridor improvements on New Bern Avenue from I-440 to Swain Street, to create a safe, functional, attractive and vibrant gateway street which encourages and supports strong economic development, a variety of quality housing, linked sustainable neighborhoods, vigorous communities and a memorable gateway to the City of Raleigh. The NBACA consists of a committed group of stakeholders and a Board of Directors with the goal of assuring timely construction of essential infrastructure improvements along New Bern Avenue to the City of Raleigh from I-440 to Swain Street. The NBACA will engage citizens, neighborhoods, businesses and institutions impacted by New Bern Avenue to:

  1. Advocate for corridor awareness.
  2. Oversee and calibrate public input.
  3. Seek public/private funding based on prioritization of project-by-project recommendations.
  4. Assist with review of corridor design.
  5. Coordinate with City staff to incorporate corridor improvements.

Director: Christine Craig

Person Street Partnership

The Person Street Partnership was created to build momentum for change in the business district along North Person Street. The goal of the Person Street Partnership is to bring property owners and business owners, stakeholders, residents, and Raleigh City Staff together to work jointly on creating a vibrant business community on North Person Street. The Person Street Partnership seeks to build momentum on North Person Street by identifying, creating, and advocating for planning and traffic initiatives in and surrounding the business district.

Executive Director: Philip Bernard



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