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The Compliance Engine Firehouse

In an ongoing effort to improve our database, the City of Raleigh's Office of the Fire Marshal is updating our records. If you have received a NOTICE or an INVOICE incorrectly please notify us to update our records in “The Compliance Engine” and/or “Firehouse”. Please see the information below regarding our two software systems and choose which, or both, to update accordingly. Also, if you are responsible for multiple properties in the Raleigh district be sure to provide all property addresses, contacts, emails and phone numbers for each.

Thank you for you input so that we may better serve you. Please note that a record of updates for both systems is being monitored and both the owner and tenant will be notified if changes are made frequently and/or invoices are unpaid.

The Compliance Engine

The Compliance Engine is a web-based service used by the Fire Marshal’s Office to track and maintain code compliance, reduce false alarm activity, and provide safer communities through third party inspection reporting and maintenance.

This system sending automatic notices for Fire Alarm, Hood Suppression, Sprinkler, Fire Hydrant, Spray booth, etc. This software system (TCE) will send out renewal, deficient and late notices automatically to a business or responsible party listed.

If you would like more information regarding The Compliance Engine, visit the City of Raleigh's Fire Marshal page


Firehouse is an internal software system that the Fire Marshal’s Office uses to keep track of State Inspection services. Fire Code Inspections are required for all places of business. Periodic inspections are conducted based on the type of business with reports and invoices for routine fire inspections between one to three years depending on the building type. These inspections also include daycare, group homes, foster homes, tents, fireworks, events, blasting, exhibit and trade shows.


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