Police Administrative Services Division

The Police Administrative Services Division personnel provide a host of services and functions that support police headquarters, the six police districts and the public.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Records receives all incident reports and ensures that they are maintained in accordance with state laws.
  • Information Services administers the computer-aided dispatching system, records management system, departmental computers, and the mobile computer terminal network.
  • Personnel Recruitment is responsible for the police officer recruitment and hiring process, along with other duties.
  • Training personnel coordinate all basic and in-service training.
  • The Evidence Unit receives and securely stores all found property and evidence.
  • Property maintains accountability over departmental fixed assets, and acquires, transfers, and disposes of departmental property according to policy.
  • The Court Liaison coordinates the interactions between the Wake County District Attorney's Office and the department.
  • The Service Center places new vehicles in service, administers refueling, performs vehicle checks and make certain vehicle repairs.



Deputy Chief Lechette

Captain Daniel Nieters

Captain Robert Bowen


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