Inspections: The Compliance Engine

The Compliance Engine is a web-based service used by the Fire Marshal’s Office to track and maintain code compliance, reduce false alarm activity, and provide safer communities through third party inspection reporting and maintenance.

The City of Raleigh partnered with Brycer, LLC & The Compliance Engine effective November 1, 2015. All compliant & non-compliant fire protection systems are required to be sent to The City of Raleigh electronically by your respective organization via The Compliance Engine's online system. Please review the City ordinance of The Compliance Engine.

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Backflow assemblies information, please reach out to City of Raleigh Water Department.
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For an overview of the program, visit The Compliance Engine website and watch the Third Party Inspection Reporting video.

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Property Management Access to The Compliance Engine
To gain view only access to your property, please email and include a list all properties with fire protection systems that are in Raleigh district, your association with the property, updated contact information for the automatic fire protection notices and billing information for the Fire Marshal inspections. 

Contractor Registration for The Compliance Engine
To register, please visit Company Registration for the Compliance Engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about automatic notices, reports, reasons to contact your fire marshal, TCE access or deficiencies? Read our TCE FAQ document.

For more info, contact Brycer for The Compliance Engine, 1-855-279-2371

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