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Wooten Meadow Park Implementation

Providing a space to enjoy nature and preserving the landscape

The 21-acre park site was donated by the Wooten family in 1996 for the use of the citizens of Raleigh as a park and future greenway connection.  Up until the 2021-2022 park renovation, the park site was mostly used for interim activities, including a soccer field in the early 2000’s, and as a natural open space.

Through a detailed community engagement process, the Wooten Meadow Park Master Plan process was completed in 2015 and followed by a schematic design in 2017.  As over 70 percent of the park site is in the floodplain of Hare Snipe Creek, the park design had to clear several environment requirements.  Final design and permitting was completed in 2020 followed by a construction in early 2021.  After over a year of construction, the park opened to the public in May 2022.

Following the recommended priority items from the Wooten Meadow Park Master Plan, park construction focused on the creation of planted wetland areas along with a new paved parking area, pedestrian trail system, and open meadows.  The wetlands and meadow areas, along the streamside and forested areas, add habitat diversity to the park and function to mitigate and clean the flood waters of Hare Snipe Creek.  Future phases, as directed by the Master Plan, may include educational signage, a picnic shelter, restrooms, a small playground area, display gardens, and a pathway connection to a future greenway southeast of Wooten Meadow Park.

The Wooten Meadow Park project was a joint project between Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department and Raleigh Stormwater.  Funding for the park renovation came from capital improvements funds provided by both departments.

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Gary Claiborne

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Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
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Engineering Services
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Raleigh's Climate Plan in Action


This phase is complete.


The Wooten Meadow Park Implementation project has recently completed final design and permitting.


Construction commenced for the Wooten Meadow Park project in January 2021 and was completed in December 2021.  Raleigh Parks plans to open the park to the public in May 2022.



The site is located at 2801 West Millbrook Road at the intersection of Leesville Road and Millbrook Road in northwest Raleigh. The land was donated by the Wooten family in 1996 for the use of the citizens of Raleigh as a park and future greenway connection.   As a donation, the property came to the city without a master plan. Up to the present, the park's history has been mostly interim uses.

The Wooten Meadow Park Master Plan process launched in 2014 at the Northwest Citizen Advisory Meeting. Benefitting from a strong community engagement process, the project team identified issues and stakeholders for the park planning process, ultimately taking the form of a situation assessment process with recommendations for guiding the master planning process.

Following completion of the Master Plan, the Wooten Meadow Park schematic design had a similar community engagement process and was completed in 2017.  As most of the site is in floodplain, the final design process was required to clear several environment requirements before permitting completion in early 2020.  


Date Activity
Fall 2017-Spring 2020 Construction Documents and Permitting
Fall 2020 Construction Bidding
Winter 2021 - Fall 2021 Construction
Spring 2022 Park Opening

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