State Street Cycle Track


State Street Separated Bike Lanes

Two-way bike lanes between Peterson Street and Bunche Drive

S. State Street, between Peterson Street and Bunche Drive, is being considered for separated bike lanes on the east side along the Raleigh Correction Center property.

Flexible delineators and green intersection markings would connect the Biltmore Hills neighborhood and destinations south of I-40 with the Walnut Creek and House Creek greenways as well as downtown Raleigh. 

Project Details

Transportation Improvements
Project Lead:
Transportation Planning



Barbara Godwin
Bicycle & Pedestrian Manager

Lead Department:
Service Unit:
Mobility Strategy and Infrastructure




Installation of this facility is not scheduled at this time although it remains a priority project in the 2016 BikeRaleigh Plan Update

Next Steps


Outreach continues with possible bike lane installation in 2022

Phase Contacts


Barbara Godwin
Bicycle & Pedestrian Manager

Lead Department:

Project History

City staff and volunteers installed a temporary bike lane on S. State Street the first week of May 2021 in order to test design concepts and get community feedback.

Design Lessons
Wheelchair access to the bus stop at Bunche would need to be installed if a permanent bike facility was built.

Lighting, especially under the I-40 overpass is a concern. Staff members have since enabled the lights to be on 24-hours a day rather than on a sensor.

City staff were able to measure the impacts of the bike lanes on traffic and noticed a small decrease in speed. The possibility of adding stop signs at Peterson and Bunche would add to a traffic slowing effect.

Community Feedback
With almost 70 respondents, the survey demonstrated a large support of the bike lane from the biking community and mixed support from the local community. Concerns about more pressing local needs (dumping of trash, lighting and parking) as well as the best use of City resources were mentioned. 

S. State Street Survey Results